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Разнообразие пиццы

Pizza is eaten not only in her homeland. Around the world this dish was found by a large number of fans. Everyone formed certain preferences and favorite kinds. Consider what types of pizza are chosen by its connoisseurs and fans.

5th place «4 seasons»

4 seasons

According to the recipe for this pizza, the ingredients for the filling are not mixed together, but are laid out on 4 separate sectors, personifying one of the seasons. The filling is distributed as follows: winter - champignons, spring - olives, summer - salami, autumn - tomatoes. The idea of ​​creating such an unusual dish came to the mind of the Italian chef in 1660. He wanted to put together his favorite ingredients for the filling, but he did not know how to do this, so that the constituent parts would not mix with each other and interrupt each other's taste. Also, the recipe was not without the traditional ingredient - mozzarella.

The dish is prepared in just 90 seconds in a special oven. To do this, mix 1 kg of flour and 600 ml of water, add 4 tbsp. Spoons of olive oil and 25 mg of brewer's yeast. The resulting dough is rolled into a thin cake and alternately spreads 4 kinds of filling, cover everything with mozzarella and sprinkle with olive oil. Served at the table with basil.

4 th place pizza with seafood

pizza with seafood

Seafood is an ideal complement to a thin, fresh test. Italians could not help taking care of lovers of seafood and prepared light, refined pizza with seafood. Her recipe includes a special garlic sauce. For its preparation you need chopped finely garlic, black pepper, salt and olive oil. After the preparation of the sauce, prepare the seafood. They put them in a frying pan, pour garlic sauce and sprinkle with grated lemon zest and thyme leaves. After that, the dough is prepared, finely rolled and placed on a baking tray. On top, it is covered with sauce, seafood, olives and cheese. Bake for 8 minutes at 250 ° C.

3rd place "Diabol"


This is one of the names of pizza with pepperoni - sharp sausages. According to statistics, every 3rd ordered pizza in the world is with pepperoni. She is loved not only in Italy, a large number of her admirers can be found in America and around the world. For cooking, you will need pepperoni sausages, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, champignons, chili. The prepared cake is stacked in layers, all over it is poured with olive oil. Bake the billet for 8 minutes at 250 ° C.

2 nd place "Sicilian"


This unusual dish is square in shape with anchovy, pecorino and tomato cheese, which is often cooked in Sicily. The recipe is quite simple. The lush, yeast dough mixes, the ingredients are laid in layers, sometimes add onions, olives, mushrooms and greens. It is baked for 20-30 minutes at 220 ° C.

1st place "Margarita"


This is rightfully one of the most famous dishes. It is named in honor of Queen Margarita of Savoy, and the color of the filling repeats the colors of the national flag. As one of the most ancient and classic, the recipe is officially documented and protected by the state. To prepare a fresh dough is prepared, which is smeared with tomato sauce exclusively from tomatoes of San Marzano, after which the cakes are sent for 10 minutes in the oven. After that, add mozzarella, olive oil, sea salt and basil leaves. The billet is sent back to the oven for 10 minutes. Such a simple technology allows you to get a great taste, which is so fond of not only Italians, but also gourmets from around the world.