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Delivery of pizza by air - foto 1230

Delivery with the help of drones has moved from the realm of fantasy to reality. Domino's Pizza chain of restaurants launched a similar service as an experiment, and it has all chances to become permanent and affordable for all fans of hot pizza. Quadrocopters will be useful now not only for shooting. Earlier they were already used for transportation of non-standard cargoes. They were used to deliver medicines and mail, but only representatives of Domino's Pizza and Flirtey in New Zealand came to such simple and at the same time useful in today's congestion conditions.

First pizza delivery by air

Such an experiment belongs to the authorship of Flirtey, which, with the help of DRU Drone drones, delivered pizza to CEO Don Meij, New Zealand Minister of Transport Simon Bridges and CEO Flirtey Matt Sweeney.

Such a method is not only a powerful advertising move. Although not many would have dared to do such an experiment, and according to the recipients' feedback, the process of transporting the product through the air is already exhilarating. This transportation scheme has already been approved at the state level and will soon be launched in a number of establishments in New Zealand. The use of quadrocopters raises the service to a new level.

Drones are not afraid of traffic jams, they are not afraid of obstacles in the form of fences or tall trees, the chosen route pizza will be forwarded by air to its recipient in a matter of minutes. To ensure the safety of the product, a special package was developed, the drones do not need to land on the site to transfer the order, they are equipped with a special winch. Modern models of quadrocopters have a carrying capacity of at least 25 kg, and they are equipped with a GPS system, which will accurately determine the location of the recipient. The issue of the complete autonomy of the drones has not yet been resolved and operators are still being used to manage them. But already such a method of transportation according to the organizers' statements is very economical.

In addition to high speed, saving, excluding the human factor and the original feed, quadrocopters help to solve the issue of sustainable consumption. By eliminating the use of cars, motorcycles or scooters in favor of switching to electrical equipment, the amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere is reduced.

According to the director of Domino's Pizza in Ukraine, Andrei Romanenko, we will soon be able to experience such a service in our country. The company has chosen a policy of the most environmentally friendly service, but for the time being it is making more bets on the use of electric cars or electric scooters. But the transportation of goods with the help of quadrocopters will soon be tested on the territory of private buildings in Kiev and in the Kiev region. We use this technology somewhat slower, which can be explained by the less popular pizza in Ukraine than among residents of New Zealand. In addition, there is a need to resolve a variety of organizational issues associated with the carrying capacity of machinery and obtaining permission to transport cargo by air.

But we can conclude that the service will be to the liking of Ukrainian pizza lovers. Since it was not possible to obtain it so quickly using the latest technologies.