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Pizza Festival in Naples - foto 1236

Each year in September, the streets of Naples are filled with the aromas of basil, mozzarella, spices and fresh pastries - this is celebrating the pizza festival. As the official birthplace of this dish, Italy could not do without such a holiday, which gathers on the streets of Naples thousands of gourmets and just lovers of a good holiday. We will find out how the Neapolitans and their guests are entertained on pizzafast, and how this wonderful holiday has appeared.

The history of the festival

Currently, this appetizing dish is prepared in many countries, but its classic recipes originated in Italy. In 1889, Queen Margaret of Savoy visited Naples and wanted to try the cuisine that feeds the common people. And everyone loved pizza at that time was just a meal of the poor. And the well-known cook prepared specially for royal persons a dish, the filling of which in its shades resembled the colors of the national flag. The recipe used tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. The dish was like Margarita, in honor of it it was called.

The first festival celebration took place in 1984. But the subsequent celebrations were more spontaneous. Officially, this holiday was celebrated only in 1995 and it was named "Pizzafest".

How to celebrate "Pizzafest"

The celebration continues for 11 days. At this time the world's most famous pizza dinas come to town, in order to conduct master classes and share their recipes with younger masters. They also participate in competitions with other pizzaiolo in the speed and quality of cooking this dish. Here everyone is taught not only to correctly prepare this dish, but also to eat it correctly. After all, as the popularity of pizza grows, so does the number of ways to prepare it.

You can see and take part in the main events at the shopping center d'Oltremare. But in addition to this in different parts of the city, visitors to Pizzafest are waiting for various venues with thematic events: competitions, dances, competitions, theater performances and various shows.

But many visitors come to Naples in September for the sake of a myriad of pizza, which can be eaten simply by paying for an entrance ticket to pizza. The famous chefs prepare their dishes according to the author's recipes and offer to try them all. It is during these 11 days that visitors discover previously unknown faces of their favorite dish.

Nail of any event or food court is of course "Margarita". Within the framework of the festival you can learn a lot about this pizza and try many variations of its preparation.

Also, you are waiting for all sorts of competitions, quizzes, souvenir shops and many other kinds of events and locations that connect one theme.

The final pizza-fest is marked by the main event - choosing the best pizza. During the whole "Pizzafest" the guests have the opportunity to vote for the best dish that was able to try at the celebration. And the most important competition is held among the best chefs, for the selection of winners, special equipment has been installed, which helps to choose the best with the help of vote counting. Voting is nominated for such nominations as "the most delicious", "the biggest", "the fastest" and many more variations "the most pizza at the festival." An interesting fact is that the first winner in the "Pizzafest" was a dish from Japan.

According to average estimates, approximately 100,000 people attend the event every year. Many countries liked the experience of Italy so much that they also hosted similar "Pizzafest". In 2014, such events could be visited in Brussels, Madrid, Hamburg, Montreal, Kawasaki and Monterrey.

Many tour operators offer thematic tours that will allow you to become a part of this large-scale festival in Italy. If you call yourself a fan of pizza, then you have to go there.