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Box of pizza will save the laptop - foto 1237

If you ever had to deal with buying a laptop bag, then you know how difficult it is to make a choice. I want the bag to be bright, but such a flashy accessory can attract unwanted attention of thieves, and a boring gray or black bag does not cause any desire to buy it. Also, everyone expects from the purchase of gadget protection from bumps and rain. We want to tell you about a new device, the use of which is already capable of cheering up, and if you take into account its ability to protect your gadget from abduction or, for example, rain, then it can be argued that this is one of the best ways to store a laptop. %main-content[

What is PowerPizza?

This is an invention of English designers. Externally, this is an ordinary pizza box, and inside it is a special compartment for the laptop, mouse, power supply and wires. As a basis, manufacturers take real boxes of corrugated cardboard for Italian pizza. On the inside, the lid and walls are covered with a special foam layer of 10 mm, which serves as a cushion for your gadget. It fixes the notebook so securely inside that you can safely carry it from any angle.

Also, the foam serves as a protection against blows in the fall and will keep your gadget intact. For fastening, special elastic bands are used. Above the walls are covered with a special water-repellent layer, which will protect your gadget and its original cover from the rain.

Let's talk about the size. Manufacturers produce models in different variations. It can be a box of 37x37x3, 6 cm and a model of 38x38x4,7 cm for gadgets with a diagonal of 14 and 15 inches. The maximum weight of the product is only 300 g.

There is such an original accessory within 13 dollars. You can order it directly from the manufacturer, it is also expected that PowerPizza will soon be available in a regular store.

As you have already understood, the idea of ​​creating such an original way of transporting a laptop is that few of the thieves will be attracted by a conventional pizza box, unlike an expensive gadget. That's just whether this novelty will save your laptop from passionate lovers of Italian cuisine - is unknown.