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Pizza toppings - foto 1238

Appearing in Italy, pizza quickly gained popularity throughout the world. And it's not surprising that her recipe was adapted to the national characteristics of each country's cuisine. To learn the geography of the filling for this dish, we suggest you read our review.


In this section you will find a classic. The way this dish was at the very beginning. According to the idea of ​​the Italians pizza should be a balanced dish, which not only helps to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but also allows you to feel a harmonious taste. According to the classic recipe, only 3 ingredients are included in the filling: tomatoes, mozzarella and herbs. Adding other ingredients, especially in excess, the Italians consider simply blasphemy. But we prefer not to dwell on classical recipes and move on.


We are sure, as soon as you read the name of this Pacific island, you immediately had thoughts about exotic fruits, which there are in abundance. And you are absolutely right. Hawaiian chefs add mango, pineapple, papaya and other types of fruit. In addition, different kinds of meat are used. The result is an original combination, as the sweetness and lightness of the fruit harmoniously harmonizes the taste and texture of the meat.


In this country they like rich and high-calorie food. Therefore, here completely changed the balanced Italian pizza in its own way. Thin cake thickness of no more than 2 mm was replaced by a thick layer of dough not less than 1 cm thick. Also each cake should have high sides, in order to place many ingredients on it. Americans moved away from another rule, which calls not to impose components on each other, but evenly distribute them throughout the cake. In the American variation, mixing of products is allowed. So, what do Americans like as a filling for pizza? One of the most popular products are pepperoni sausages, although their place of origin is by no means the United States. According to statistics, every third pizza ordered here has pepperoni. Next on popularity follows bacon. In general, the traditional US formula allows up to 7 products, which can not be compared with Italy, in which the maximum is three. Also in America they like to fill all the ingredients and the cake with barbecue sauce. If you want a hearty meal, then make the choice in favor of the American variation.


Thai cuisine is one of the most famous. It is here that you will find original combinations of sweet and sour, a wide selection of spices and almost universal use of bitter chilli peppers. You will find it in traditional Thai pizza. Thai cooks, like most dishes, make it very sharp. As fillings, as in other recipes, there are the same original combinations of seafood, beans, garlic, meat, exotic spices and products.


This is a country where seafood is more than elsewhere. In the composition of the filling they are in abundance. Here you will find octopuses, squid, and shrimp, and mussels, and scallops and even algae. And, of course, the main ingredient is fish. All this is flavored with spicy sauce and served on a thin dough.


The cuisine of this country is rich in hot sauces of peppers and tomatoes, and they emphasize the main ingredients of the filling. In traditional recipes you will always find hot jalapeno pepper, tabasco sauce, avocado and even potato chips. Often, Mexicans eat their traditional pizza, which has a completely different look, different from the traditional one. For its preparation is used not one, but two cakes, which are baked from corn flour. It is between them are laid other ingredients, which in quantity are something in between the classic Italian recipe and the traditional American, in which about 7 components. Variations in Mexican - this is very satisfying, sharp and unusual.

In fact, pizza is a brilliant invention of Italians. After all, her simple recipe gives an unlimited space for experiments.