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Incredible facts about pizza - part 2 - foto 1239

Pizza is able to surprise not only with its taste. We offer to learn some of the most incredible facts about this dish, which will make you wonder and smile.

The largest pizzerias in the world

Surprisingly, the best place to prepare a pizza is Da Michele, located in Naples. Recipes of cooking here are the simplest, but everything is cooked with love and quality products. Also known institution Starita a Materdei, located in Italy. They say that even the Pope John Paul II himself appreciated the food prepared there.

The largest order

For one day, one of the US institutions received an order for 13,386 pizzas, which were intended for 40,160 employees from 180 offices.

Record distance of delivery

This fact was recorded in 2001. Delivery was carried out from the city of Cape Town to Sydney, the distance between which is about 11 thousand kilometers. The order was delivered personally by the chef of the Butlers Pizza institution, Bernard Jordan, commissioned by the captain of the rugby team Fedsure Stormers Corne Krige.

Cosmetics with the smell of pizza

In Italy, this national dish is so appreciated that one of the perfumers created a cosmetic line with the smell of pizza. The Cresci Duce presented the Italians a series of products that included bath foam, body lotion and a number of other products with the aroma of freshly baked "Margarita". Ironically, cosmetics are in demand among the inhabitants of Italy.

The first pizza in history

All over the world, Italy is considered the birthplace of this dish, but there are still disputes about its origin. In various historical accounts, you can find information that it was invented by Vikings, Greeks or Egyptians. But one of the most believable versions points to her first appearance in ancient Rome.

The longest pizza in the world

In combination, it was also very expensive. Its length was 240 meters, the cost is 50 thousand euros. The previous record was 100 meters.

Diet as a treatment

A medical fact is known, as a young boy was prescribed pizza as a treatment. The fact is that he was diagnosed with vasodilation, which could not be eliminated with the help of medications, and he was given such a unique diet to increase the level of cholesterol.

The most expensive dish of Louis XIII

Its cost is 8300 dollars, and all this thanks to a unique composition. The preparation used expensive cheeses, rare pink salt, several kinds of caviar, poured the filling with one of the most expensive cognacs in the world of Louis XIII Remy Martin.

Machine for automatic cooking Let's Pizza

With the help of Let's Pizza you can download the desired products and after 3 minutes get a ready-made dish.

These are not the latest interesting facts about this unique dish. During its existence, a lot of stories and records have accumulated, which we will tell you about.