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3-d printer for pizza printing - foto 1240

Worldwide, 3-d printers are used to print all kinds of things from small parts to architectural structures. Did not pass technological progress and all the favorite pizza. The company BeeHex is developing the world's first 3-d printer for its printing.

The development will focus on large networks of pizzerias, which need to attract customers with original solutions and shorten cooking time. In addition, with such an invention, much less staff and training costs will be required. The project has already invested $ 1 million. The launch is planned in 2017, and the first customers are expected to be large networks of Domino's or Pizza Hut pizzerias.

Previously, a fairly successful solution for automation of pizza production was presented. The robot Marta works in the kitchen of one of Silicon Valley companies. Its function is to squeeze the sauce onto the workpiece, lay out the filling and send it all to the oven. Such an approach, aimed at redefining the same type of tasks for robots, helped to significantly reduce the number of employees in the kitchen. The technique never gets tired, it makes everything neater and faster. For example, to prepare one dish, the equipment will need only a few minutes.

In San Francisco, there is a coffee shop, where the robot is engaged in preparing orders and servicing visitors. Today, with the growth of technology and the popularization of 3-d printers, one should fear for their place of work and pizza.

Pizza printing features

According to the idea of ​​BeeHex printer Chef 3D will require a minimum of human participation in cooking. It will be enough to download products and perform some software settings. The uniqueness of the work of such equipment lies in the fact that it will allow you to print pizza of any complex shape or specific composition. For example, it can be a dish in the form of a heart or a much more complex figure, or you can individually choose a composition. The printer will not only be able to cook you a dish without tomatoes or with a certain kind of cheese, you can also order it, for example, without gluten.

In addition to cooperation with large network restaurants, the company plans to install kiosks, where everyone can get a product of any shape with any filling in a few minutes. It is also planned to launch the application, installing which, you can manage all the subtleties of cooking. You can choose the size of the cake, the composition of the filling and its quantity, choose the ratio of different ingredients, choose thick or thin sides, and many more variations. The planned cost will be from 8 to 15 dollars. Unlimited possibilities are assumed. You can transfer any image in the .jpg format via the application, and a dish will be prepared for you, which exactly repeats it. At what, the program is not afraid of any difficulties. It can be like any geometric figure, and your portrait.

In the future, developers are planning to move to preparing more complex dishes. At the start, the choice was made in favor of pizza because its flat form is the most simple to print and opens up great opportunities for experiments.

Consider, for example, the stages of printing. First you upload an image, the form of which you want to get at the output. The program calculates the number of products for cooking. Then the process of making the cake is launched. Dough is squeezed out of the cartridge by a special tube, followed by sauce and cheese. After that, the billet goes to the oven and after a few minutes it can be tasted. It is better to do this as quickly as possible, since the crust turns out to be very thin and after 20-30 minutes it dries up, becoming like a cracker.

Forecasting the success of the new technology is still difficult, since the work of the new printer has not yet been tested on major projects. But if you consider the speed of the order and its low price, soon everyone will be able to enjoy pizza, which appeared thanks to high technology.