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Pizza in Italy: how to choose an institution - foto 1249

If you are planning a trip to Italy, you need to learn how to choose the right places to prepare pizza. Thanks to our advice, gourmet tourists will be able to find what they need from a large number of places where they serve this dish, learn how to properly order it and properly eat.

How to choose an institution?

Advice №1

All establishments in this country are divided into the following categories: ristorante, trattoria, osteria, taverna and pizzeria. Each of them has its own kitchen, the features of the presentation and, of course, the prices. For example, in ristorante you can find author's dishes at a rather high price. In taverna or trattoria they cook homemade food, so all the food served here will be very satisfying. In osteria wine is mainly served, so pizza here will be offered as an additional snack. In pizzeria you will find the widest range of inexpensive dishes.

Advice №2

A classic cooking recipe means baking a dish in a wood stove. Today, not all pizzerias in this country adhere to this rule. So if you want to try a classic national dish, ask if there is a wood stove in the kitchen. And do not forget that unlike the oven, the oven requires more time to kindle, so the order will have to wait a little longer.

Advice №3

In Italy, you are unlikely to find a pizzeria that will work from morning till night. In general, pizzerias open for lunch, and sometimes only in the evening.

Advice №4

Do not expect from the local pizzerias of luxurious interiors. Classical institutions are decorated in a rather restrained style, because the main thing here is food.

Advice №5

Previously, in many pizzerias it was customary to charge visitors for a place. That is, you had to pay 1-2 dollars just because you took a seat at the table. Now this rule can be met quite rarely, as it began to scare away tourists. But nevertheless we recommend to specify this moment at the waiter.

Advice №6

In the cities you can meet a lot of street shops, where a piece of pizza costs about 5 euros. It is very cheap by local standards. But since often dishes in such places are prepared in advance, and before the sale is simply heated, the pleasure of such a meal you are unlikely to get. It is better to visit the restaurant, where the prices are somewhat higher (about 10-12 euros). But in this case, you are guaranteed to enjoy, as the dish served to you will be "hot and hot". From such a meal you will get no less good impressions than from visiting local attractions.

How to order correctly?

Advice №1

Well, you have decided on the place where you will taste real Italian pizza. Now you can decide on the right choice of food. In the menu, the pizza is listed as primo, that is, as the first. But contrary to our traditions, in order to eat, you do not need to order a second and dessert. You risk simply not to eat such a quantity of food. Basically, locals in their establishments are accustomed to order one pizza for one person.

Advice №2

Everything that will be included in the filling of your dish must be listed in the menu. Do not hesitate to ask the waiter about the possibility of supplementing the filling with other ingredients according to your desire.

Advice №3

Unlike the classic "Pepperoni" in this country, which we have become in this country, this ingredient is called salame piccante. And the name pepperoni wears a burning red and green pepper.

Advice №4

The dish is most often not cut, so the locals eat it with a knife and fork. If you are still accustomed to eating this dish by hand, then no one will condemn you for such a method. But still using a knife and fork is a more classic approach.

Now you have the necessary knowledge to navigate the rich gastronomic map of Italy and bring with you from the journey not only a sea of ​​impressions from visiting the sights, but also memories of an unforgettable, classic pizza.