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Drinks for pizza for adults and children - foto 1251

To even more shade the taste of pizza, it is necessary to choose the right beverages for it. And this is also a whole science. Since a wrongly matched drink can distort its taste, and you will not get any pleasure from eating or drinking. Therefore, we offer to master a few simple rules that will reveal to you not only the secret of the right choice, but also a lot of unexpected combinations.

Drinks to pizza in different countries

In Italy, it is customary to serve this dish with grape wine. For red meat, red wine is suitable. If the dish is sharp, then it is worth choosing more tart, saturated varieties with a long exposure. If you prefer meals with chicken and pineapple, heavy red wines are unlikely to make them a good company. Pay attention to white dry and pink wines. For fish dishes the best addition is white wine. For vegetarian dishes, especially those that have a large number of herbs, it is worth choosing white wines with even more pronounced sourness. Some

Italians prefer to use this dish with dairy products. You can try a combination of pizza with milk or kefir.

In the US, it is customary to serve this dish with stronger alcohol. Since we have already mentioned that the American variation of the dish in this country is a very satisfying cake made from a thick dough with a lot of various fillings, it will become an excellent addition to strong alcohol. Most often in the US as a supplement order whiskey or tequila.

Perhaps for you it will not be a novelty that in Germany this dish is most often served with beer. It has a balanced, slightly pronounced taste, therefore it perfectly complements all notes in the pizza toppings. To the meat dishes Germans prefer dark beer, to fish - light.

In the Czech Republic they use the original combination of this dish with Becherovka. It is a drink with a pronounced herbal aroma and a bitter-spicy taste. He becomes an ideal companion to dishes with a lot of basil.

Drinks for children

For children there is a huge choice of options. First of all, a good addition, which not only shades the taste, but also helps the dish to quickly assimilate, is fruit juice. For meat dishes, rich berry fruit drinks or, for example, thick peach or tomato juice, will suit. For fish dishes, order a light apple, grape or orange.

Children very fond of carbonated drinks. In this case, they are perfectly combined with such hearty dishes. Very popular is Coca-Cola and various carbonated lemonades. But ordering engraving is very careful, as its use increases appetite, which can cause overeating.

A good choice will be various fruit and classic milkshakes. Especially they are suitable for young children. Also in some cases, tea will do. For meat dishes, you can choose black, for fish - green, for vegetables - fruity or herbal.v

Drinks for adults

The list of options for adults is a bit wider, since there is a possibility to order alcohol in addition to the dish. For example, you can follow the example of the Germans and order in addition a dark or light beer. If you plan a tight dinner after a hard day, you can not deny yourself a framework of strong alcohol: beherovka, whiskey or tequila.

In cold weather, when you want to relax and warm, the ideal choice will be tea. For the meat filling choose black tea, the fish will be green, and for vegetarian pizza, a good supplement will be herbal or fruit tea. Perhaps you will like the combination of this dish with coffee. Admirers of a healthy lifestyle will enjoy a combination of vegetable pizza and green coffee. In the heat, when you want to refresh yourself, soda will do. For example, cola or lemonade. Also do not forget about juices. Saturated fruit or tomato juice is chosen for meat filling, and light fruit juices is ordered in addition to fish and vegetable fillings.