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Pizza - just a meal or an element of modern culture? - foto 1252

Such an international dish as pizza has already become more of a cultural phenomenon than just a product. It is used as a symbol in cinematography and animation, even in psychology there is such a thing as pizza-effect. We will find out what imprint left this dish in modern culture.

Pizza effect

This is a widely known term that is used in psychology, religious studies and sociology. It describes a phenomenon that originated in one place, spreads to other layers of society or the country and, having undergone some transformations, returns to its homeland. This example is well illustrated by the history of this product. At first, it was food exclusively for the poor, but thanks to the Italian emigrants who transferred his recipes to the US, certain constituent fillings and, in general, attitude to this dish have changed. After that, the pizza & laquo; returned & raquo; To their homeland already as a popular delicacy. In history, there are several examples of the effect of pizza. For example, yoga and other components of the Indian religious teachings about life gained wide popularity when going to the West and only after that became widely publicized in their homeland.


There is also a reverse cultural effect, which can be extended to a wide range of examples. With the growing popularity of pizza in America, locals began to make gastronomic tours in order to find the original Italian pizzeria, in which served the right dishes cooked in a wood stove. In response to the emerging demand, the Italians began to open massively such establishments. As a result, many Americans, having adopted the tradition, opened such institutions with & laquo; native & raquo; Italian stoves in their homeland. And as a result, it turned out that they collided in their homeland with the reflection of their desires and culture, which were realized by the Italians.

Animation and Cinema

Many people of the 90's generation firmly established the association between pizza and the hero of the popular movie "Alone at Home". It's also hard not to remember the animated characters & ndash; Ninja turtles, whose favorite food was pizza. Mentioning it in cartoons and films that are very popular, forms a stereotype to the people's head that allows to refuse the association of this product exclusively with food.