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Pizza is a rather satisfying dish. Widespread popularity of recipes with a lot of smoked products, spices and sauce from ketchup. For the children's body, such additions will not be of much use. But this is no reason to deny the child in his favorite treat. This dish is very popular on children's birthdays and other holidays. It is convenient to bring it to school or to other activities as a snack. We learn how to please a child with pizza, but do not harm him.

What is special about children's pizza?

Such a dish for children should preserve all its taste qualities, but it should be of maximum benefit. Unsafe for children's stomach ingredients are spicy sausages, spicy herbs, ketchup, mayonnaise and other fatty sauces, mushrooms. But even without these ingredients, you can cook delicious pizza. Instead of ketchup, use fresh tomatoes, the taste of it will not lose its saturation, and your child will benefit a few times more.

Fresh curds can be used as a basis for the test. This solution will not only be healthy, but also very tasty.

Replace sausages with boiled meat. The best option is a dietary chicken fillet. Supplement the dish with different greens, and a healthy pizza - ready.

Do not forget about the form. Having developed a fantasy, you can interest the child with an unusual shape in the form of a heart, car or other figure. Lay out from the filling on the crust of your child's favorite character. Multicolored filling provides many opportunities for this.

You could also notice that sometimes the taste of a pizza for a child is of interest to the very process of eating it. Kids are interested in folding triangular pieces with their hands and sending them into their mouths. Therefore, you can take as a basis the shape of this dish and use a completely different stuffing. Make a base of sweet dough, instead of a sauce use a syrup or cream, and the filling can be fruits, chocolate chips, biscuits, berries and other sweet ingredients.

As a result, you will receive something between a pie or a cake and a favorite dish for all children - pizza. Also for a sweet dish you can use other healthy ingredients: pumpkin, cottage cheese, nuts. In general, any ingredients that are combined and can benefit the health of the child.

Now you know what a children's pizza is. To find out if your child will like this solution, you can order the delivery or conduct an experiment on your own and prepare the dish yourself.