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There are thousands of establishments in the world in which pizza is prepared. But the best of them are recognized as units. These places become widely known all over the world or are popular in a narrow circle of true gourmets and store their secrets of the best recipes for unremarkable signs. Often at the entrance to such institutions you can meet a long queue, on the walls of some institutions hang shots of famous personalities who once or on the contrary regularly visited this institution. We learn where in the opinion of true gourmets they prepare the best pizza in the world.

Uno Pizzeria in Chicago

This place is served with an exclusive pizza, invented exactly in Chicago. Of course, it has significant differences from the classic dish. As a basis, prepare a cake from a dough that is thicker than 1 cm. The cake has high sides that protect a large number of products that are used in the filling. Pizza is rich in a lot of tomato paste, cheese and other selected ingredients. It is noteworthy that they invented the Chicago pizza in the Uno establishment and it happened in 1943.

Da Michele Pizzeria in Naples

This is a legendary institution, at the entrance to which there is always a crowd of queues. Only two classic dishes are cooked here: Margarita and Marinara. In this institution there were a lot of star guests, among them Julia Roberts and Diego Maradona. At the entrance you get the numbers that indicate the number of your order, and when you go inside, you will have an unforgettable gastronomic pleasure.

Pizzeria Speranza in São Paulo

This institution, which is not so widely known among tourists, but is very popular with local residents. The city of Sao Paulo can be called the record holder for eating this dish. The establishments here are huge halls with lots of tables. The dishes themselves have a large size and a huge amount of filling. Age "Speranza" is more than 50 years, and it is here worth trying a real "Calzone".

Grimaldi's pizzeria in New York

A popular institution, located directly behind the Brooklyn Bridge. The place is very popular both among locals and tourists. Often at the entrance you can see a queue of several meters. From the famous fans of the institution "Grimaldi" can be called Michelle Obama and Frank Sinatra.

Pizzeria Da Baffetto in Rome

This family establishment is recognized as one of the best in Rome. Manages all the owner of the institution Signor Buffett, he is constantly present in the hall, is interested in the mood of the guests and at the same time does not forget to manage the kitchen. Guests are met by his daughter. In addition to classic dishes, you can try unusual solutions with zucchini, anchovies, pumpkin or prosciutto. The average cost is only 25 euros. As the tourists note, the atmosphere in the institution is warm and domestic. On the ground floor there is an open kitchen where you can observe the cunning work of cooks.

Pizzeria "Maria Luisa" in Paris

A legendary place that honors the tradition of cooking a famous Italian dish. Here you can try both classical "Neapolitano" or "Margarita", and author's dishes with arugula, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, Parma ham. There is a great demand for a dish called "Diablo" in which several kinds of sharp sausages are used as a filling.

Pizzeria Spontini in Milan

Another institution, which adhere to the classical traditions. In the menu, only one type of pizza - "Margarita". Moreover, residents and guests of Milan prefer to enjoy pizza not sitting in an institution, and strolling with a fragrant piece wrapped in parchment paper, through the streets of the city.

We recommend that you discover these gastronomic attractions in various cities around the world. But do not dwell on this list, maybe even in your city you can find a place that will go down in history as the best institution where they cook the most delicious pizza in the world.