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Pizza has an interesting history of appearance, and during its existence this dish has suffered many transformations. A reference to it can be found in a variety of areas. Appearing in Italy as food for the poor, which was especially in demand among sailors, today it is mentioned in films, animated series, in psychology, sociology, history. In cooking, there are classic recipes for this dish, which are transmitted through generations from the time they appear.

History of the appearance of pizza

The prototype of this dish was a bread cake, on which the tomatoes were laid, sprinkled them with basil and oregano and poured it all with olive oil. With the advent of buffalo milk, another mandatory ingredient of the dish was mozzarella cheese. After the war, soldiers returning to their homeland in the US took with them traditional recipes for cooking this dish. So it appeared in America.

Initially, the pizza was intended for the poor. It was sold on the streets of American cities with pieces of 15 cents per piece. In Italy, it was popular among sailors. Special demand was enjoyed by Marinara. In its composition was a special sauce, which included tomatoes and peppers. Due to the hot sauce the filling could remain fresh for a few days, which was very convenient for sailors in swimming.

According to legend, this dish has changed its food status for the poor after it was tried by Queen Margaret of Savoy. She wanted to try something simple, the food that the common people eat. And the chef prepared her pizza, the filling of which in its colors coincided with the colors of the flag of Italy. In honor of the Queen, she was named - Margarita. Also there is an opinion that it was the royal couple who used a knife and fork at the time of the meal, and that's how it is today to eat this dish.

In the American culinary traditions this dish has entered as firmly as in Italian. But here his recipe was altered in his own way. The Italian version uses a thin dough, 3-4 ingredients for the filling and olive oil for refueling. In America, a country where everything is done on the run, this dish was transferred to the category of fast food. Corridges here are cooked at least 1 cm thick with high, lush bumpers. Up to 6 products can be used in the filling. This is a hearty, fatty meal, which is often eaten by hands. Thus, the culture and lifestyle of Americans reflected on the classic recipes for cooking this dish.

Traditions of its use are so firmly entrenched in American culture that you can find a number of films and animated series, for the heroes of which eating pizza is a common thing. For example, it is worth remembering the film "One at home", the main character of which ordered the delivery of this product at home. In the well-known animated series about turtle-ninja in almost every episode, when the main characters receive the delivery of this dish. By the way, the delivery service was invented in America. Now it's absolutely not necessary to waste time preparing, just make one call.

The development of modern technology also affected the cult of pizza consumption. Today, delivery of orders by air is possible with the help of drones, unmanned scooters, the dish can even be printed on a 3D printer.

Modern artists also could not miss the popularity of this product. They prepare a pizza with portraits of celebrities, made of ketchup and other sauces. One of the creative agencies released a series of pictures, which featured an original but completely inedible variation on the theme of this dish, in the preparation of which items such as chopsticks, flowers, tiger balm were used.

Not surprisingly, this product has more than once been included in the Guinness Book of Records. The largest pizza in the world is known, the most expensive, the largest order that one pizzeria took. This dish is loved by adults and children. There are many options for its preparation, adapted for lovers of fish, meat, admirers of vegetables, small children. In general, the development of recipes, the supply and delivery of this dish follows the course of development of modern culture.