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Pizza is so firmly entrenched in the diet of almost the entire planet, that now it is difficult for anyone to surprise. Each country has its secrets of cooking, for example, in Japan, a dish is prepared with a lot of seafood, in a Thai version, the dough is covered with a thin layer of soy sauce, then a few bean sprouts are added, carrots, spices and chicken are added. Traditional Belarusian pizza is prepared on a round bun, as a filling used sausage, cheese, pickles and olives. In Mexico, all ingredients are laid on a traditional flat cake tortilla, as a filling uses roasted meat, vegetables, greens, and all this is covered with a spicy sauce. But, in spite of a large number of traditions of preparing this nourishing delicacy, there are truly unusual recipes that can surprise a representative of any country.

Japanese Okonomiyaki

This name is almost literally translated as "fry what you like". Preparation begins with the preparation of the test. While the chefs prepare the cake, waiters are interested in visitors, what would they like as a filling. After that, the cooks prepare the necessary products. Then the customer himself takes part in cooking. Waiters take out the ordered ingredients, which the customer mixes to his taste. Seafood, vegetables, meat, dried seaweed can be used as fillings. Preparation begins with frying the cake. The liquid dough is poured into a frying pan and fried from several sides. After that, it is coated with soy sauce and mayonnaise and put into a special form, sprinkled with the filling and sent to the oven. After all the baked, it is sprinkled with tuna shavings. It is noteworthy that they eat such a flat cake, too, "as you like." You can use sticks, a knife and a fork, or you can just eat with your hands.

Pizza Kono

The Italian architect invented one of the ways how to eat this dish to people who always do not have enough time. The solution was an unusual flat cake, which has the shape of a cone. A neatly folded dough, inside which the filling is placed, can be freely eaten on the go. Such a product can already be bought in special conical kiosks. And the name of his corresponding - "Kono."

Pizza Kono

The biggest pizza in the world

She was baptized in Norwood in South America. Its size was 37.5 meters. The previous record was set by Pizza Hut, the size of the dish was 34 meters. The Norwood record holder was prepared from 4.5 thousand kg of flour, 90 kg of salt, 1.8 thousand kg of cheese and 900 kg of tomato paste.

The longest product was prepared in Israel in a shopping center. Its length was 100 m. The baking took place in a special conveyor furnace, where cooking was done by sections. The preparation took more than a day. And then it was eaten by city residents in the central park of Tel Aviv.

Pizza of Happiness

In restaurants in Cambodia, you can try a unique product - pizza with marijuana. Her leaves are cut into small pieces and added as a filling. This has already become a kind of tourist attraction, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Liquid Pizza

This is a traditional Indian dish. The basis is the batter. In it add a variety of stuffing. Use finely chopped vegetables, a lot of onions, chicken meat, bean curd Paneer, ginger, minced mutton. All season with lots of spices. All this is mixed and poured into a frying pan. The result is a soft, well-baked flat cake with a filling inside. Unlike traditional examples, the Indian version differs more spicy, saturated taste.

As you have noticed, pizza is not just a way to satisfy hunger. This is also a great field for experiments, a way to become famous and compete with each other.