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Ideal any dish makes the right ratio of ingredients. And for pizza this rule is no exception. The secret of this delicious dish is the correct ratio of the amount of dough and filling.

Common sizes and types of cakes for pizza

First of all, we should consider the most common sizes of cakes. They can be different: 8, 16, 26, 30 and 38 inches. Also of considerable importance is the thickness. A good way is to prepare a cake, not more than 2-5 mm thick. But there is also an American version of this dish, in which only lush dough is welcomed, the thickness of which can be up to 1 cm. Do not forget about the thickness of the sides. In thin, Italian pizza, the thickness of the rim is no more than 1 cm. The American version will be accordingly thicker, in proportion to the thickness of the cake.

pizza size

When you decide to order a pizza, you are first of all based on the number of people who will eat it. And the more numerous your company is, the bigger the diameter should be at the dish. But perhaps it is not so? Have you ever thought, maybe the option of buying a few small ones will be more satisfying and more satisfying? This question was answered by British engineers.

Studies and their results

A mathematician from Sheffield, Eugenia Cheng, conducted the work on revealing the ideal size. The goal of her work is to unite cookery and mathematics to prove that this exact science is present everywhere and with her help we will be able to derive the formula of almost all phenomena.

According to Cheng's research, one bite of a 30 cm-diameter biscuit contains 10% more fillings than a 36 cm corrugation. But do not forget about the sides. If you order one dish with a diameter of 36 cm, then it will have more fillings per 1 cm square than two pizzas with a diameter of 18 cm. The fact is that in two dishes there will be twice as many crusts that automatically makes the filling ratio and the test is uneven. In addition, in order to obtain a harmonious taste, a smaller pizza requires a thicker cake, while in a large dish, the cakes must be thin. Based on these conclusions, the ideal size is recognized as 38 cm.

Thanks to this scientific approach, you can enjoy the ideal taste of Ukrainian , 4 season and other types of pizza with a harmonious combination of filling and dough.