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The use of robotics in various spheres has become widespread. But if drones, robots, vacuum cleaners, children's toys are already something familiar, then their use in the service sector has become a novelty.

Robot - Pizza Delivery

Robot delivering pizza

Domino's pizza recently introduced the world to its new employee. They became a robot named DRU, who is responsible for the delivery of pizza. This know-how was developed by the Domino's pizza network in conjunction with the Australian company Marathon Robotics. This solution allows you to exclude the human factor in the organization of pizza delivery and increase the attractiveness of this service, as DRU attracts not only its unusual functionality, but also an amusing appearance.

Robot functions and its advantages

The main feature is that the oven is built into the case, which allows you to maintain the desired temperature of the dish, while it is sent to your client. With the help of GPS, the deliverer is given a route, according to which the delivery must be made. The speed of its movement is 20 km per hour. Also, the DRU is equipped with special laser sensors that allow you to travel around obstacles. The creators also thought over the protection from those who want to feast on someone else's order when they meet with the deliverer. For this, a code protection system is provided. After placing an order, the buyer is provided with a special code that you need to enter in order for the robot to give you a pizza after delivering it to your address.

Dru - Robot Pizza Delivery

So far, this project is in the testing phase. A testing ground for Australia is selected. This choice is due to the high quality of roads, which will allow you to move freely on the way to the client. Also in Australia, the lowest crime rate, which will avoid theft and order, and the carrier itself. If consumers respond positively to such a service, and DRU will not have any difficulties during the execution of the order, it is planned to mass-distribute such devices at network points.