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The name Pepperoni pizza was received thanks to the main ingredient - sausage Pepperoni. It should include pizza, which has such a name.

History of origin

This type of salami appeared in Italy. Its name is due to one of the main ingredients - spicy pods. It is the word Pepe, which means capsicum, formed the basis of it. Therefore, the name itself should indicate to you that the dish you receive will be very sharp. It is erroneously assumed that Pepperoni appeared in America, since it is one of the first in the ranking of the most famous. It is ordered most often with delivery and bought in institutions. In fact, it appeared in Italy, but there it is called "Devil's Pizza". This name also emphasizes the sharp taste.

Pepperoni sausage

Classic recipe for pepperoni pizza toppings

To make the right stuffing, you need Mozzarella cheese, salami, tomato sauce. All components must be taken in equal proportions. The prepared dough is smeared with a sauce, the mozzarella cheese, previously grated, is laid on it. Sausage cut into thin rings and spread on cheese and sauce, you can put olives on top. Dozens of other recipes have been developed based on the classic recipe. The tomato sauce was changed to creamy. In Italy they began to add prosciutto ham, in Spain, as an additional component, jamon was used. In Germany and the Czech Republic began to add local sausage with a lot of bell pepper.

Pepperoni Pizza

Popularity of Pepperoni

It should be noted that hot sausage is so popular that it is used in the preparation of other types of pizza. In America, its sales account for 30% of the total. In Texas, Dakota and Arizona, the devilish pizza supplanted other, once popular recipes, even the famous "Margarita" lost its popularity.

The wide distribution in America is due to the fact that it was here that the first recipes came from Italy. Since Pepperoni is considered a classic product, it was she who came to America one of the first. And to this day, Americans prefer her taste.

Also this type of Italian salami is widely used in cooking and other dishes. It is added to fried eggs, on its basis, sandwiches are prepared.

On average, the total amount of pizza eaten per year in America and Canada is approximately 10 kg per person. It is ordered in delivery services, in institutions and prepared independently.

It is worth noting that in India this product is not very popular, as beef is used in cooking, and the cow in this country is considered a sacred animal. Therefore, one of the famous companies decided to change the classic recipe, replacing beef with chicken, leaving the main ingredient, hot chilli pepper, unchanged.

To assess the entire charm of the taste of one of the most common dishes, you can order it at home with the help of our delivery service.