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By ordering pizza at home, you get it in a cardboard box complete with disposable appliances and napkins. Originally it was eaten exclusively by hands, but after this dish appeared even at the royal table, when the pizza was submitted to Queen Marguerite Savoy, a tradition of using appliances was introduced. But to this day, the most convenient way is to eat this dish with the help of hands. Although this approach has its own minuses. Separate a piece, to look at how fused cheese stretches behind it - nice, but hands during the process of such eating always remain greasy. The output was the creation of a special disposable tableware.

Disposable dishes for pizza

There are several options for disposable dishes. Most often, the manufacturers deliver the dish in a cardboard box, which serves as a tray, complete with napkins. Dishes with low edges can also be used. From them it is convenient to eat with the help of a knife and a fork or take a piece with hands. For making dishes, use cardboard, paper, plastic or foil. Cardboard and paper versions are considered the best. They do not weigh much and can easily fold, such a dish can be customized.

Plastic is considered one of the least sought after, as it is undesirable to contact the material of such dishes with hot products, as a result of this plastic releases poisonous substances.

The foil perfectly keeps the shape, does not crack and is suitable for warming up in a microwave oven.

But no matter how big the assortment of dishes is, there are pizza hands, and at the same time it is not possible to smell them. Taking into account these inconveniences, Japanese designers Won Min Jung, Kwon Young Hee and Yu Kyung Ha created special pizza dishes.

Paper dish

Paper Dish - dish-plate

Paper Dish is literally translated as a "paper plate". The new invention is a paper dish. It is divided into triangular sectors equal to the number and size of the pieces. When you want to taste a piece of pizza, you separate it with a paper triangle below it and get a plate that not only makes it easy to bite as much as you want, but also leave your hands clean. Paper Dish additionally has a handle that allows you to conveniently grab a piece on both sides. When you finish your meal, you can use a plate as a napkin.