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To cut pizza into neat triangles, never use an ordinary knife. There are several dozens of solutions, and each of them allows not only to gently cut Proshutto or Margarita into triangles, but also make this process more exciting.

A bike

The basis of such an adaptation lay down a rotating knife-wheel with sharp teeth on the blade. But in this variation it's not just a wheel with a handle, it's a real bike, which, passing through the cake, cuts out the dough, the layer of cheese and the filling. Manufacturers did not only work on the original form. You can choose a product from 5 colors. Also included is a stand, thanks to which you can put the knife on the shelf as an ornament. And it's completely justified, such a creative pizzerzka does not deserve to be stored in a desk drawer.

Pizza cutter - bike

Pizza cutter - sting

Many manufacturers do not depart from the basic idea of using a cutting blade-wheel, but embody their creative ideas in the design of the handle. One of the original zadumok is a grip handle especially for fans of bionics.

Pizza cutter - sting


There is a pizza with a knife and fork - an example of good tone. Creative designers have come up with how to make this process even easier and more convenient. They combined the fork and knife into one device, through which you can separate a piece of pizza in one motion and put it on the fork.

Pizza knife - fork

Pizza cutter scissors

If you like pizza with a lot of cheese, you know how difficult it is to separate a piece so that there are not many threads of processed cheese behind it. Now it can easily be done with special scissors, in addition they are equipped with a scapula for separating the piece.

Scissors for pizza


Such kitchen implements will especially be to the taste of men. This is a severe tool with a blade-cutting disc and a comfortable handle.

Pizza knife chainsaw

Pizza cutter for lovers

The original design, compact dimensions, romantic motifs - all this was passed by the producers in the design of the knife for pizza, intended for lovers.

Pizza knife for lovers


A convenient device, which is a rounded blade and holder. Cope with any amount of dough and stuffing.

Guillotine for pizza


It's not just a knife, it's a device that allows you to cut a pizza into several equal-sized pieces with just one movement. The ideal solution for a large company.

Equalizer pizza divider