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With the advent of pizza, her recipes have undergone many changes. Today you can buy vegetarian pizza, 4 seasons, meat, with seafood. But despite the abundance of options for preparing the filling, the most important is the dough. It is the secret of good taste. If you properly cut and lay out the filling can almost any cook, then make a good, the right dough is under the power of a little.

Mastery of making thin dough - photo 1

Briefly about the history

The birthplace of pizza is Naples, where for the first time tomatoes were imported from Europe. Initially, this Italian dish was considered very simple and popular mainly with peasants. Pizza was sold on the street in large pieces, wrapped in paper, the sailors took a piece with them, almost everyone could afford this simple dish.

But love for pizza and royalty did not pass. Especially for Queen Margarita of Savoy, a dish was prepared that combined the three main ingredients of the filling: tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. All these products repeat the color of the Italian flag. And they gave this dish the name "Margarita". Today, the recipe for its preparation is classical and of great importance, it is on its performance that the skill of cooks is assessed.

The secret in the test

Today you can meet many variations of the preparation of cakes. But the most correct is a thin, crispy cake with a thickness of not more than 0.5 cm. To make just such a cake, pizzaillo adheres to the classical Italian cooking traditions. Flour must be well sieved before cooking to saturate it with oxygen. Mixing is done exclusively by hands, the use of kitchen machines can spoil the result. For kneading, you need to spend at least 10 minutes, then the dough will turn out exactly as it should. There is a secret, in order for the cake to be thin and crispy, it adds a few spoons of strong alcohol. For rolling, machines are also not used to make it thin, it is specially stretched, throwing up. Only a well-prepared cake will not break at the throwing and is sufficiently saturated with oxygen. Before baking cakes should stand for another 20-30 minutes.

Master pizza

Pizzaillo is the master of pizza making. This is a person who must feel the dough, know a lot of classic recipes and be able to make a combination of ingredients to the taste of the client. One of the important differences between a professional pizza-yolo from an amateur is the ability to prepare a good dough by eye without using weights.