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This fact was confirmed after an analysis of the relationship between the incidence of cardiovascular disease and the quality of food. There is no need to undertake extensive research to understand that the best prevention of any illness is good nutrition. Pizza is a pivotal indicator of the standard of living and the attitude of the population towards food. Properly cooked pizza serves not only as a delicious lunch or dinner, but also helps maintain health.

pizza in the shape of heart

Research results

According to statistics per 100,000 inhabitants of the French city of Toulouse, there are 53 cases of infarct per year. While in the Scottish city of Glasgow, heart attacks occur in 332 cases. Studies have been carried out that confirm the fact that the quality of food has the greatest influence on the heart. French cuisine is a great variation of combinations of meat, fresh vegetables, olive oil and a small amount of wine.

In Italy, a survey was conducted among patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. As a result of the survey, the dependence of regular use of pizza and the risk of problems with vessels and the heart was revealed. Statistics have been generated, which says that the regular use of pizza reduces the risk of heart attack. If you periodically include this dish in your menu, the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by 22%, and the use of 2 times a week reduces the likelihood by 56%.

The reason for this is, first and foremost, a balanced and useful composition of pizza. Despite the fact that it is perceived as more as a fast food, the dough from the dough contains all the necessary ingredients for the body. These dairy products are mozzarella cheese, meat products, fresh vegetables, olive oil.

Also, the component contained in tomatoes that have undergone processing is a lycopene. It is an antioxidant that reduces the amount of cholesterol deposits on the walls of the vessels.

Is all pizza useful?

pizza 4 cheeses

In the studies conducted, the main focus is on the balanced composition of the dish. Therefore, the best use is made by pizza, made up of natural, light for absorbing ingredients. The best solution is fresh vegetables, cheese and seafood. Also great options are available with dietary meat: turkey or chicken fillet. The options for smoking, despite their bright taste, are difficult to digest and contain cholesterol, so the benefits of such a pizza will be minimal and expressed first of all in a good mood, which also positively affects the work of the heart.