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Pizza is a universal dish. She will be able to act as a hearty dinner or dinner, as well as become a worthy decoration of the festive table. Even more accessible it makes the possibility of self-preparation in the multicookers. This is a simple and, most importantly, a quick way to make homemade, delicious food that adults and children will enjoy.

Pizza in a multicookers - photo 1

Pizza cooking features in a multicookers

For baking in the multivark there are two whole modes: "Baking" and "Multipovar". The second option allows you to choose the optimum temperature taking into account the thickness of the cake and the amount of filling. The average baking time is 30-40 minutes, and the temperature is 200 ° C. There are several subtleties that distinguish the process of making pizza in a multicookers from baking in the oven. Filling should be moderately moist and it is laid out a thin layer, so that the dough does not turn raw. The cheese is sprinkled already at the end of the cooking process. When the multivarker gives a ready signal, you need to sprinkle the pizza with cheese and put on the heating for another 7 minutes, so that the cheese melts.

Pizza recipes for multicookers

We offer several recipes for pizza, which include not only the right set of ingredients for the filling, but also the technology for preparing the dough.

Pizza in a multicookers - photo 2



flour 0,5 kg, yeast 4 g, water 350 ml, sugar 10 g, olive oil 2 tbsp, cheese 300 g, chicken fillet 300 g, tomato sauce or ketchup 50 ml, smoked cheese - 100 g, canned with pineapple pieces - 200 g.


  • Dissolve dry yeast in warm water.
  • In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt, olive oil.
  • Turn on the mixer and gradually introduce into the mass dissolved yeast.
  • Thoroughly mix the ingredients, then increasing, then decreasing the speed.
  • Leave the dough for infusion for 3.5 hours, covered with a damp towel.
  • After level the dough on the bottom of the multicookers form, lay out the filling and bake in the "Baking" mode for 45 minutes.

Fast pizza


lavash thin - 150 g, ketchup - 50 g, smoked chicken fillet - 200 g, pickled cucumber - 100 g, mozzarella - 150 g, large tomato - 1 pc.


  • Lubricate the pita with ketchup and sprinkle 1/3 mozzarella.
  • The filling is finely chopped, put it on pita bread and sprinkle with the remains of cheese.
  • Cook in the "Baking" mode, baking time - 4-5 minutes.
  • This dish is better to eat right away, because, lying down for a long time, pita bread will dry and begin to crumble.

You can use any recipe that you find. To adapt it for a multicookers, it is necessary to observe the correct balance of the filling and the test. If you want to get pizza even faster, order in the delivery service a mouth-watering «Smile» or «Hunter».