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In the world there are hundreds of variations of pizza cooking: «4 cheeses», «Mushroom», «Fungi», and no one surprises with original combinations of filling and dough. Therefore, talented pizza all over the world try to impress pizza lovers and their colleagues with new tricks and approaches to cooking. Some of them are so amazing that they were awarded a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Pizza record

Record sizes

The first record is the biggest pizza. Its size reached 40 m, which required several tons of flour, cheese and 4 tons of tomato paste. The preparation took more than 1 day. Since there are no ovens for baking 40 m diameter cakes, it was necessary to prepare it in separate parts.

The next record holder of the Guinness book was a pizza with a length of 1.8 km. It was prepared on the waterfront of Naples, cooking required 2 tons of flour and mozzarella, 1.5 tons of tomatoes, several hundred liters of oil. We cooked 250 pizza-yolo, which took 9 hours. The idea of creating such a large pizza was to help the poor, so after confirming the record, it was distributed to the needy.

Records of preparation and skill

In 2001, Rachel Kerr, a traveler in Australia, wanted a spicy pizza from one of Newcastle pizzerias (England), which resulted in the restaurant service having to travel a distance of 11,000 miles to deliver the order.

The distance of the longest delivery was 11,042 km. Pizzeria Butlers Pizza brought an order from Cape Town to Sydney, for which an airplane was booked to deliver pizza to the Krige hotel room for the captain of the rugby team.

It is worth noting the skill of the cooks who cooked the largest kosher pizza in Israel. Over a dish 100 meters long, 25 cooks worked. To achieve uniform baking of the filling, a special trick was used - the workpiece was laid out on a conveyor, which slowly passed through the oven. But in order to eat pizza, visitors to the park took a few minutes.

In North Carolina, for employees of one of the leading companies, the largest order was made, which numbered 13,386 pieces. Pizzerias had to solve a difficult task and deliver orders to more than a hundred offices throughout the country.