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It's hard to find someone who does not like pizza. The traditional Italian variant, formerly popular among the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast for more than a century, was a lavish crust with crispy crust, a sauce of olive oil, garlic and basil, and a filling of young mozzarella and tomatoes. Getting around the world, the classic recipe has acquired significant changes. In each region, new ingredients began to appear in the filling. In total there are more than 2000 variations of this snack in the world, among which everyone can find a dish for themselves: from the usual "Hunting" pizza to very extravagant dishes.

Pizza_photo 1

Pizza in English

Business Englishmen prefer that the food be satisfying, tasty, and then appetizingly looking. This attitude has affected the local variety of Italian snacks. The main ingredients of their delicacies are: tomatoes, potatoes, sausages, bacon, beans and eggs. It seems that the practical English just moved their traditional breakfast to a crisp bread cake, making it even tastier.

Tart Flyambe

The homeland of haute cuisine, romantic France could not but make changes in its own recipe of Italian food. The most popular option in this country was an open pie from Alsace with the poetic name "Tart Flambe". The very name of the dish says that it is cooked on an open fire. Ruddy cake, baked in a wood oven, filled with curd cheese, bacon and red onion, and poured with cream sauce, will not leave indifferent any gourmet.

Pizza with coconut

If the combination of chicken and pineapple has become quite common in fillings for different options of open pie, the presence of coconut in a dish to the inhabitants of our region may seem strange. But for Costa Ricans, the unusual ingredient is an ordinary and very favorite component of a traditional Italian snack along with nutritious shrimps.

In Russian

Unusual for residents of other countries may seem Russian variations of the Italian pie, where the first violin in the taste is played by fish ingredients. When preparing a snack in Russian can be used freshly caught, smoked or canned fish. Especially popular are open pies with sardines, salmon mackerel or red caviar in the company with onions, tomato dressing and parsley greens.

Pizza photo 2


The ability of Japanese to prepare seafood is a well-known fact. The usual ingredients of Japanese pizza are acne, nori seaweed, shrimp and other seafood. But a special place is taken by the traditional Japanese appetizer okonomiyaki, looking like a layered salad of cakes, cabbage, pork, pasta, squid, covered on top with a slightly odd omelet and poured okonomiyaki sauce.


In Turkey and Armenia, a popular version of the snack is considered popular, consisting of a cake with bread crusts laid out on it, minced meat, generously flavored spices, sliced vegetables, sprinkled with plenty of greens.
In any corner of the world, there will definitely be a special pizza recipe, which local people will love, and maybe you will also love.