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The history of pizza has more than a millennium. Initially, an open pie with a variety of fillings was considered poor people's food in the Mediterranean and was prepared from the most common products: dough, cheese, tomatoes, olives, etc. Now the Italian snack takes one of the leading places in the ranking of the most common dishes in the world and remains available to everyone. But for real gourmets, ready to give a lot of money for unusual delicacies, special recipes are created that translate everyone's favorite fast food into gourmet cuisine.

The most expensive pizza in the world

The record price of Italian pie

Having opened the Guinness Book of Records in the category «The most expensive, affordable to buy pizza», you will find a snack served at the Richmond restaurant Steveston in Canada. A cake with a laconic name "C6" will cost the buyer 450 USD. The high cost of delicacies served in the pizzeria is due to the presence of these delicacies in the topping: lobster "thermodor", king prawns, sturgeon caviar, blue notothenia and black cod. The chef, who created a unique dish, offers visitors to the establishment and less expensive, but also extravagant versions of pizza, flavored with ratatouille from lobster, roasted garlic, brie cheese, algae or other unusual ingredients.

The original treat Nader Khatami (the restaurant owner) was able to get past the previous champion Gordon Ramzi, who can try the food in the heart of London in the institution called "Maze". This culinary creation worth "only" 250 USD is a crispy base with a filling of rare expensive cheeses, pancetta and chips from white truffles.

And if these pizza with a stretch can be classified as available, then the Italian culinary creation with a beautiful name «Louis XIII» in it you can not enter at all desire. The price of a unique treat from Renato Viola is $ 12 thousand. The client gives fabulous money to try a special dough, prepared for 3 days from flour of the highest quality. In the filling for the dish, the chef adds elite black and red caviar, fillets of Norwegian lobsters, mozzarella «buffalo» from buffalo milk and other varieties of cheeses. In the process of preparation, the Italian pie is served with Krug Clos du Mesnil champagne in 1995 and Cardenal Mendoza Sanchez Charter Real Romate Finos brand. Together with the extravagant gourmet, the gourmet gets a wonderful cognac "Remy Martin Louis XIII", which will help drown out the pain of losing $ 12,000.

The most expensive pizza in the world - photo 2

But the world record belongs to the most usual snack from an unknown pizzeria in Florida. Imagine that you laid out for your beloved «Milanese» or «4 seasons» 12.5 million USD. You can not? But this is exactly what the American Laszlo Hanech did in 2010, paying 10 thousand bitcoins for an order of 2 Italian pies. Then the value of the paid crypto currency was about $ 40, now the lucky one who ordered a dish for Laszlo could become a millionaire, having received $ 25 million.

Perhaps someone else will create a pizza more than 12 thousand dollars, but it is very doubtful that anyone in the world will give even for the most delicious food more than $ 12.5 million.