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Which sausage to choose for homemade pizza? - foto 1595

Sausage is a familiar ingredient in homemade pizza. And it would seem, what can be difficult in its choice? In fact, not everything is so simple. Its grade must match the variety of the dish itself. Of course, everyone can use the option that he likes, we just highlight the varieties that are most often used when preparing a real Italian pizza.

Sausage for pizza - photo 1

Which sausage is not suitable for pizza?

The most unfortunate choice may be home-made sausage with a soft filler. With a high baking temperature, it will turn into an unsightly mush. As for the traditional ingredient of homemade pizza - "varenki", then this option is rather doubtful. In spite of the fact that as a result the dish can turn out even very tasty, the original recipe can not be called. It will be a pie for Italian reasons.

Although, it is worth paying tribute to the so-called doctor's or milk sausage, they are quite suitable for a home dish. Both variants can withstand heat treatment perfectly. If you adjust the cooking time correctly, this filling will not dry up and retain its softness.

Another controversial product is meat. Ham, chicken, cold boiled pork - certainly have excellent taste qualities. And even quite can be harmonized with yeast dough, tomato sauce and cheese. The main thing is that it is not too fat, otherwise all the work done will be spoiled.

Sausage for pizza - photo 2

Which sausage to choose?

Salami and Pepperoni are the most popular pizza, in the preparation of which sausage is used. Of course, the Italian recipe provides for the use of the same sorts of meat products. If you want to bring the taste of your dish closer to the original, especially while not wasting, choose an option that will be similar to an authentic Italian product:

  • Pepperoni - sharp sausage from a mixture of pork, beef and chicken meat (literal translation - "hot peppers"). If you want to find a replacement for it, choose a dense spicy sausage.
  • Salami - a spicy version of a mixture of pork and beef. The taste may differ depending on the variety (and at least 6). The main thing is an abundance of spices in the recipe. A spicy variety with an interesting aftertaste is suitable.

Cooking is an art. Sometimes, with minimal effort, you get a brilliant result, and sometimes - time wasted. Nevertheless, modern features allow at any time to order the original Italian pizza with delivery simply by using contacts of a good pizzeria.