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Black pizza - a new global trend - foto 1596

Fashion trends in the food industry are staggering at times! Black pizza - a new discovery of the best restaurants and pizzerias, which no one else knew about yesterday. At first glance, the dish looks like it was forgotten in the oven. In fact, the black cake is the result of adding a very unusual ingredient in the dough, namely activated carbon. Its task is not only to create the right color, as many might think. Activated carbon is also actively used for other reasons: it absorbs toxins, lowers cholesterol in the blood and normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

New trend in pizza

Black pizza has become so popular that queues line up behind it. Lovers of something unusual love her for a light smoky taste, others - order out of curiosity, the third - appreciate the carbon component (activated carbon), which makes the product not only tasty, but also useful. As for proportions, European pizzaiols add a maximum of 15 grams of activated carbon for every 450 g of flour. It is this ratio of products that gives the cakes a rich black color.

Black pizza - photo 1

What's the secret?

The process of making pizza black is quite simple. After kneading the dough in the above proportions of flour and activated carbon, the cook sends the resulting crusts to a conveyor oven where they are baked at high temperature. And here it is - the perfect result: baked dough in the frame of crispy crust.

One of the most popular pizza is Prosciutto. Mozzarella, ham and ripe tomatoes in combination with a light aroma of spices and a delicate taste of tomato sauce on a crispy basis - create a unique composition that will not leave anyone indifferent. Order a pizza delivery and see for yourself!

Black pizza - photo 2