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Choosing a cheese for home pizza - foto 1597

Pizza is the world-famous and fervently loved by all the dish of Italian cuisine. The only thing without which it is impossible to imagine it - stretching fragrant cheese, everything else - just the addition of the composition. Despite the simplicity of cooking, to achieve the ideal result, it is worth observing certain rules. One of them: always use at least two cheeses. And how to choose them correctly, we'll find out in this article.

Cheese for home pizza - photo 1

Cheese for the first layer

After you have greased the dough with tomato sauce, sprinkle it with cheese. Soft young varieties will be perfect. During the two-week period of their maturation, they do not lose the already formed strength of the protein structures, so they melt perfectly. This allows you to keep the crust crisp and create the effect of the viscosity of the filling. This choice is also due to the taste of the product. Young varieties do not have a pronounced taste, so do not interrupt other ingredients. For the first layer is ideal Brynza and Mozzarella. They are perfectly combined with both fish in Mediterranean pizza and ham in Prosciutto.

  • Brynza. It melts perfectly, forming a viscous consistency. Brynza - a very delicate cream cheese with a barely palpable salty shade, which gives the rest of the ingredients a certain piquancy. This choice is also suitable for those who follow the figure, this is absolutely not a fatty product, its calorie content is not more than 260 cal / 100 g. So do not be afraid to even pamper yourself with such delicacies at least sometimes.
  • Mozzarella. Italian pizza without mozzareli is not Italian pizza. Its neutral taste is intended to emphasize the flavors of each ingredient without interrupting its own. Unlike solid grades, it creates a soft, viscous structure of the filling and does not harden on the test.

Cheese for home pizza - photo 2

Cheese for the second layer

The top layer is the final note of the entire composition. Ideal suited seasoned hard varieties, which ripened at least 6-9 months. Only in this case, the taste will be spicy enough to give the necessary flavoring to the filling. And do not forget to observe the proportions of the ingredients, the older the cheese, the lesser amount will be required to make a real Italian pizza. Scratch it for the second layer on the grater and simply sprinkle the top of the entire filling. Use high temperatures, so the dough does not have time to dry out, and the cheese top - at all to melt. At the same time, the filling will acquire a light, viscous structure and will be filled with a unique aroma. The ideal choice for the second layer will be Maasdam, Parmesan or Dutch varieties.

  • Maasdam. Pizzaiols use it after 6 months of aging. Only then is the spicy nutty smell fully manifested. It melts perfectly, forming a piquant crust on the surface of the cake.
  • Parmesan. It has a very interesting taste, which on the one hand is brackish, and on the other - a little bit sharp. Parmesan is perfect for meat. Its structure is very dense, so Parmesan melts badly and never becomes viscous. His task in the other is to give pizza a piquant taste.
  • Dutch. Its taste is understandable to most pizza lovers. It combines both nutty notes of aged varieties, and some creaminess of the young. Great for vegetables, so it is very often used when cooking vegetarian variations. In this case, it is quite appropriate to sprinkle the dough or cover the second layer.

Many may wonder how to combine cheese in pizza 4 cheeses. Already on the basis of the name it is clear that on the corn it is necessary to place not two layers at all, but the whole 4! Nevertheless, the original recipe of Italian chefs provides for the use of the same mozzarella and parmesan in combination with a sweetish fountain and piquant dorblyu. It is this composition that suits this kind of pizza and forms its unique taste. But do not be afraid to experiment. Perhaps the recipe developed by you - will exceed the outstanding masterpieces of Italian chefs.