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Pizza and romantic evening for Valentine's Day - foto 1645

A huge number of types of toppings, excellent compatibility with almost any alcoholic drink and an even number of pieces make pizza an ideal dish for a romantic dinner. Depending on your tastes and date mood, it can be different: exquisite on thin dough with a minimum amount of filling, tasty, hearty pizza with minced meat or stinging with pepper for a passionate evening.

Romantic dinner: candles, champagne, pizza

Gently bite off a small slice of pizza after a slice, eat with your hands or devices, squeezed with wine or champagne, under quiet, sincere conversation - all this creates a special atmosphere of romance and comfort on a date. A large number of species allows you to choose a dish for every taste. Do not forget to choose the right drink. Meat goes well with light red wine, a seafood dish requires a light acidity, so choose a white, dry wine. For vegetable or chicken, choose light, aromatic, rosé wines or champagne. The correct Italian pizza is made on a thin dough, contains a filling of carefully selected ingredients. This dish gives a feeling of satiety and gastronomic pleasure absolutely without the effect of overeating.

Pizza and romantic evening - photo 1

How not to spoil dinner and mood

A pleasant romantic dinner requires careful preparation. Think of everything for a date in advance. This applies to clothing, music, and dishes. If you are not fond of cooking and want to devote more time to your look, creating the right atmosphere, choosing music, then entrust the culinary component of your meeting to professionals. In this case, it suits you exactly pizza. The main feature of the dish is that it can be ordered at home, and free time to spend on tune in to a pleasant evening, choose a movie and an outfit for everyone.

No unsuccessful experiments in the kitchen or many hours of cooking at the stove, after which there is neither strength nor mood to continue the day. Just make an order at your favorite pizzeria, and at the appointed time your tasty, hot, aromatic Italian pizza along with drinks, and if desired, and with desserts, will be delivered to the specified address. It remains to light the candles and plunge into the atmosphere of romance.