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4 Italian dishes known all over the world - foto 1656

In Italian cuisine, as in the culinary traditions of other countries, there are special dishes that are significant. We all know about such dishes as pizza and pasta, but, having gained popularity in the cuisines of other countries, the recipes have transformed. Find out what 4 dishes of traditional Italian cuisine have become famous all over the world and how to cook them properly in their homeland.


It’s hard to find someone who has never tasted pizza. But even if you are familiar with it, you may not have tasted real Italian pizza. It is different from what you used to see in pizzerias.
The right pizza in Italy is baked on thin dough. For the filling, 3-4 ingredients are used, which are neatly laid out on the surface so that they do not mix. It is this pizza that opens up many flavors and is easily digested. By the nature of the cake pizza can be divided into Neapolitan and Roman. The basis of Neapolitan pizza is thin, but airy and elastic. When you take a piece, it is convenient to fold it with an envelope so that the filling stays inside. An example of classic Italian pizza is Margherita pizza. She has a moderately thin dough, and the filling consists of mozzarella cheese, basil and tomato sauce. Everything is simple, balanced and elegant.

Roman pizza is more dry and crispy, the cake is so well baked that very fried areas are outlined.

Italian pizza photo 1


This is one of the most favorite dishes of Italians and obligatory for tasting for all guests of the country. The word "pasta" is called a dish of pasta and sauces. In total in Italy there are more than 500 recipes that vary depending on the region. The paste itself is also different. It can be dry - prepared from durum wheat and water and dried for long term storage. Such pasta is easily digested, has a positive effect on health, as they contain complex carbohydrates and fiber. The culinary special pride is fresh pasta, which, after cutting, is immediately boiled and served at the table with various dressings. She requires more attention and skill from the chef. The most famous recipes from Italy are carbonara with crispy bacon and a delicate sauce of cream and eggs with the addition of Pecorino Romano cheese, amatricana with pork cheeks, tomatoes, onions and sheep cheese.

A traditionally Italian style of pasta is a moderate amount of sauce. It should cover the pasta, but they should not float in the gravy. If you are served this dish, rather, it is already adapted to the local cuisine.

Italian pasta photo 1


This dish is based on rectangular thin sheets of dough stuffed with minced meat, stew, bechamel with parmesan cheese. Depending on the region, the composition of the lasagna may vary. Tomatoes, spinach, bolognese sauce, mozzarella or ricotta cheese are added to it. The dough is made from durum wheat, and the amount of sauce should be moderate enough to soak the filling.

Lasagna Italian Photo 1


Risotto is a symbol of Northern Italy. This is boiled in broth to a creamy consistency rice with the addition of vegetables, meat or seafood. For cooking, rice is pre-fried, then it is poured with broth and waiting for it to evaporate. Vegetables, mushrooms, bacon, scallops, or other types of meat or seafood are added. In order to emphasize the creamy consistency, butter and cheese can be added to the rice. Especially popular is risotto with a rare spice - saffron.

Traditional Italian dishes are a special combination of ingredients, spices and textures. To learn how to cook them properly, you should pay special attention to detail and the balance between the ingredients. Taste Italy, discover the right Margarita or savory Naples salad; Smile Pizza.

Risotto Italian photo 1