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Tasty vegetable stuffing for pizza - foto 1704

Pizza is the most popular dish of Italian cuisine. It can be found in any country of the world: classic pizza «Margherita», Turkish «Pide», Pakistani «Tikka», Argentine «Fugazza». All of them are completely different and have their own circle of admirers. But today we offer to prepare vegetable pizza toppings, which you will probably like.


  • mozzarella cheese (or other fusible variety) — 60 g;
  • eggplants — 30 g;
  • young zucchini or zucchini — 30 g;
  • pepper — 30 g;
  • black olives — 30 g;
  • onions — 30 g;
  • tomato sauce;
  • spices (some salt, oregano, ginger);
  • dough.

Tasty vegetable stuffing for pizza - photo 1

Cooking stages

This filling will appeal not only to vegetarians, but also to fans of meat. Despite the absence of sausage, ham and any other meat ingredients in her recipe, the pizza turns out to be very tasty and satisfying. And its peculiarity consists in the combination of fried and raw vegetables. The process of cooking vegetable stuffing is quite simple and includes the following steps:

  1. Cut a small piece of young zucchini or zucchini into plates.
  2. Do the same with eggplant.
  3. Cut the onion into thin rings and divide them into individual feathers.
  4. Heat the pan, add a little vegetable oil and fry the onions, zucchini and eggplant. When the vegetables are podzol, salt them and add dried ginger.
  5. Cut the pepper into thin rings. Ready-made pizza will look especially impressive if you use Bulgarian pepper in different colors.
  6. Crush the olives.
  7. Roll out the dough to form a round pizza base, brush it with tomato sauce and sprinkle with oregano.
  8. Grate the grated cheese and spread it over the base evenly.
  9. Put the roasted vegetables, olives and peppers.
  10. The resulting billet put in a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes.

Complete the juicy and flavorful vegetable pizza with a light «Cyprus» salad and dinner for the whole family is ready!