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How to choose the right flour for homemade pizza - foto 1872

Is there such a person who can refuse a piece of hot flavored pizza? This dish is the main one at children's parties, evening gatherings with friends, corporate parties. Many housewives are happy to prepare such a delicious treat. Of course, if there is no time to mess with cooking, you can always order pizza with delivery. But, if you decide to surprise your relatives and prepare a culinary masterpiece yourself, it is very important to choose all the ingredients correctly, especially flour. Indeed, the quality of the latter determines how tasty the dish will turn out.

What is influenced by gluten level and strength of flour?

Every housewife must have heard of such a thing as gluten. This is a protein that, when kneaded, acquires an elastic structure. Thus, gluten directly affects the elasticity, elasticity of the finished dough. Depending on the purpose of the flour, the proportion of gluten content differs:

  • the patisserie has a low protein level of 8-11%. That is why the dough is soft, tender;
  • bread is prepared from a coarse product with a gluten content of 12-14%;
  • for Italian cheese pizza, a product with a gluten level of 11-12% is ideal.

The strength of flour affects the properties of the dough that it acquired during fermentation. Thus, this product is divided into weak, medium and strong. The stronger it is, the greater the amount of water that it can absorb when mixing and better retains its properties. At the same time, the characteristics of weak flour deteriorate by the end of fermentation.

Choosing pizza flour - photo

What is grinding fineness?

Other important features of the baking product that must be taken into account are the ash content, as well as the fineness of grinding. There is the following classification, depending on the fineness of the grinding - 00, 0, 1 and 2. Where “00” is the flour made from the very core of the grain, and 2 is the coarsest grinding. Ash content shows the content of mineral substances and the less they are, the higher the quality of the product. In soft grades, the ash content is minimal, so it is most suitable for making pizza.

If you decide to cook the famous Italian dish yourself, be sure to consider the features of flour. This will allow you to knead the perfect dough and enjoy perfect pastries!