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How to eat pizza and keep a figure? - foto 1874

We go to the pizzeria with children, work colleagues or friends, many corporate parties and just evening gatherings with friends do not do without this fragrant, mouth-watering dish. But most of the fair sex in the morning are tormented by remorse, as soon as they begin to count the calories gained. Of course, you can order a more dietary fish pizza, but there is not always a company ready to share the choice. How to spend a fun evening and stay in shape, consider right now.

Some tips for eating pizza and not getting better

There are many tricks to not gain extra pounds even when you love flour. For example, if you cook yourself, you can add sea salt to the dish, instead of the usual. It is also necessary to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • remove excess fat. Simply blot a slice of pizza with a dry cloth to remove up to 20% of calories. Therefore, no matter how ridiculous this advice may seem, it acts. For this, it is desirable to use white napkins;
  • minimum test. Fine flour is used to prepare this Italian dish, and it raises insulin levels and leads to extra pounds. Therefore, try not to eat lush edges, no matter how delicious they may seem;
  • do not abuse with cheese. This product is one of the most high-calorie ones. So if you are worried about your waist, forget about cheese pizza;
  • Do not eat out of the big box. Be sure to put a piece on a plate, preferably a small one. If there is directly from a giant box, there is a deception of sight, and even a huge piece, may seem small;
  • cut the pizza into many pieces. In fact, the volume remains the same, but such a trick will not let you eat too much, because your brain will involuntarily count the number of pieces.

Strongly want pizza? Do not deny yourself the pleasure, even if you are on a diet. It is much worse when after a long restriction you eat a lot of high-calorie dishes. It is much safer for the figure to use it in small portions. And do not forget to get wet excess fat.

How to eat pizza and not get fatь

What pizza is good?

Today, vegetarian pizza is very popular. Moreover, it is relevant not only during fasting, but also among people who are not indifferent to the figure, so it can be ordered in almost every pizzeria. If you decide to cook such a dish yourself, add various spices. They will make the taste more interesting, and most seasonings are able to break down fats. Also experiment with flour, for example, replacing wheat with coconut, which contains 11 times more fiber. If you seek such a desire and opportunity, get a simple whole grain. Also try to keep the amount of cheese to a minimum.

Remember you should not focus only on a flour dish, order a vegetable plate or a light salad. They will satisfy your hunger and diversify your meal.