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How to Make Meatball Pizza - foto 316

What is pizza? This is a dish of Italian cuisine that in classical performance resembles an open cake with filling of cheese (usually mozzarella is used) and tomatoes. Cheese is undoubtedly the main ingredient of pizza. Other ingredients can be optional depending on the type of dish and preferences. Italians love to garnish traditional pizza with basil leaves. Thereby we can see three colors in the composition of the dish: red-tomato, white – cheese, green – basil, which corresponds to the coloristic of the flag of Italy. 

A well-known fact is that pizza is the most recognizable dish in the world. Besides classical combinations of tastes each country, where the pizza is made, tinctures some color adding characteristic ingredients for this or that region. Thus in Ukraine there appeared a variant with salted cucumbers. It Australia besides traditional pizza there is the australiana one. This kind of pizza represents a cake with adding sauce, mozzarella, bacon and eggs. Sometimes they also add prawns. And also no wonder that in the dish of this region you will find kangaroo, emu or crocodile meat. The Indian variant of pizza is spicier than European analogues. Here besides the main pizza ingredients you can find chicken meat (tandoori chicken) and peculiar local cottage cheese (paneer). But undoubtedly you can try the most delicious pizza in Italia or at our “Smile” pizzeria.

And still how did pizza appear? Ancient Greeks and Romans used to eat the analogous dishes. These dishes were of different ingredients – meat, cheese, olives, vegetables that were laid on slices of bread.  Very often legionnaires took such rations into the marches. The first so-called progenitor of pizza receipt was written by  Marcus Apicius in the Ist century B.C. It looked like that: olive oil, chicken meat bits, mint, garlic, nuts and of course cheese were placed on the dough. The classical for us pizza variant Italians started to cook in the middle of 16 century when tomatoes were brought to Europe. Initially this was a dish for peasants. In 17 century people who were cooking pizza were called pizzaiolo. In 18 century king Ferdinand I tried to popularize this dish among nobility. However in spite the fact that king loved this dish very much his spouse was against the fact that peasant’s dish should be on the table of the ruler. The second attempt was made by Ferdinand II. The main task was to elevate pizza as the dough for it was kneaded by legs.  Gennaro Spodaccini coped with this problem as he invented bronze pestle for beating. The second task that he was to cope with was: “How not to soil one’s fingers?”. It was fulfilled due to inventing a four-pronged fork. Famous pizza «Margarita” was called in honor of the queen as it was presented for her thirtieth birthday. In 19 century due to migrants this dish was popularized in America. At the present time only in Italy there are about 2000 kinds of pizza.


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