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Interesting facts about pizza - foto 987

Pizza is loved all over the world: Four cheeses, Margarita, Hawaiian, Prosciutto ... You probably also have your favorite taste. Today pizza is more than just a tasty dish, it's a whole culture. In order to be convinced of the veracity of this statement, let us cite a few interesting facts about which you might not even suspect!

№1 - The biggest pizza in the world

What do you think, how much could the biggest pizza in the world weigh? 50, 70, 100 kg? And here it is, it weighs as much as 24 tons! The production took two days and ten hands - five Italian chefs worked on this piece of culinary art. An interesting fact: the largest cake does not contain a gram of wheat flour and does not contain gluten.

№2 - The Most Popular Ingredient for Pizza

The most common ingredient for pizza making is recognized as pepperoni. It is savory salami, which gives the dish a sharp and unusual taste. According to statistics, every third customer of this dish chooses the option with pepperoni.

№3 - When do you order pizza more often?

According to statistics, most gourmets like to eat pizza on national holidays. It could be the New Year or even Halloween. But orders are breaking records, no doubt, on days of significant sporting events.

№4 - Statistics of buying / eating pizza in America, Europe

Interesting fact: in America every second more than three hundred pieces of different kinds of pizza are eaten. The inventors of this dish, Italians, also do not graze the rear: they need a whole three billion pieces of their national dish for a year!

№5 - Professional Pizza Party - Pizzafest

Go to Naples in September: it is at this time there is an unusually bright and interesting holiday - Pizzafest. Millions of guests from all over the world enjoy the aroma of basil and fresh mozzarella.

№6 - The most expensive pizza in the world

Complaining of the increase in prices in a local pizzeria, think about the fact that the most expensive pizza in the world costs more than eight thousand euros! It consists of rare seafood, flour of the highest quality. An interesting fact: instead of the standard mozzarella, it uses cheese made from buffalo milk.

№7 - Cosmetic line with the smell of pizza

So you love the aromas of basil and tomato, that you want to enjoy them all the time? Then pay attention to Italian body cosmetics with the scent of pizza: a real gift for gourmets.

№8 - Nasa develop a 3D printer for "printing" pizza

That cosmonauts could not part with the usual diet, in the immediate purposes of NASA- to teach a 3D printer to print a favorite dish on board the ship.

№9 - Delivery of pizza to a record distance

The record distance for delivery is more than 11 thousand km from Cape Town to Sydney.

№10 - The world's first pizzeria

The world's first institution, specializing exclusively in the preparation of fragrant pizza, appeared in Naples in the 1930s. One can not but rejoice over the fact that the institution is still working.

As you can see, this dish is a whole culture of several generations. Why do not you join the ranks of admirers of this fragrant masterpiece and not set your own records and unusual stories related to the national culinary pride of Italy.