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Can pizza be useful? - foto 984

Few can deny themselves the pleasure of eating a slice of fragrant, juicy pizza. But if you watch the figure and are afraid that such delicious gatherings with friends will then move the arrow of the scales to the big side, it's time to learn some secrets about how to make pizza low-calorie and useful, and why the morning meal at the pizzeria is more useful than there the dinner.

What exactly makes a pizza harmful?

Girls who harass themselves with diets or adherents of a healthy diet are ready to faint only when mentioning dough, mozzarella, pepperoni and sauces. In fact, this dish should always be excluded from the diet? In fact, the preparation of the national Italian delicacy is fanned by a large number of myths and legends regarding its usefulness. We will deal with each of them.

Harmful pizza makes improper use of ingredients. For example, in a good pizzeria under an eternal ban are mayonnaise, ketchup and purchased sauce. Used in cooking tomato sauce and mozzarella - the products on the contrary are useful and relatively low-calorie. Not a very useful ingredient you can call a popular pepperoni, but you can easily choose a dish without it. Such varieties as Four Cheeses or Hawaiian Pizza do not contain salami or smoked products at all. By the way, most pizzerias offer even low-calorie and vegetarian recipes specially designed for followers of proper nutrition.

A useful alternative to harmful ingredients (list - what to change):

Preparing pizza according to your own recipe or choosing ingredients in a cafe, you can replace more caloric ingredients with dietary ingredients.


In the dough instead of wheat flour, you can add more useful rye, whole grains or bran. Then the dough will be rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, and pizza will be able to replace the porridge in one of the meals.


To the filling of the dish is always the most complaints. Although, if you understand, in a good restaurant should prepare exclusively from natural products a very useful dish: tomatoes, basil, oregano, natural meat. The only thing that can confuse you - smoked meat, salami or pepperoni. You can choose a useful Hawaiian stuffing, four cheeses, a vegetarian option. In modern restaurants always offer a large selection of ingredients and their combinations for pizza.


Cheese in pizza is used very abundantly and emphasizes the taste of the filling. The most harmless variety is considered to be mozzarella, the calorie content of which does not exceed 340-360 kcal. Use either mozzarella, or simply ask the waiter to reduce the amount of cheese.

Time of day also plays a role

The benefit of the dish also depends on what time of day you decide to enjoy it. Naturally, the evening piece is not very useful for some people: carbohydrates obtained with food intake will not have time to be consumed in energy and can become fatty deposits. It is better to enjoy your favorite dish in the morning or in the afternoon - so the harm will be minimal.

As you can see, you can enjoy your favorite dish even on a diet or with proper nutrition, and even - it is necessary! The main thing is to choose a quality restaurant or replace ingredients with home cooking.