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With what they eat pizza - useful tips - foto 1241

Pizza is a favorite dish of millions that can decorate a get-together with friends or any family holiday. However, not everyone thinks about what combination of drinks or snacks will be the ideal solution for a traditional Italian dish. What drinks, sauces and salads can decorate the rich taste of your favorite pizza?

Dishes to pizza

Pizza - an independent dish, but for a family dinner or a holiday you need to dilute the table with other dishes. However, meat dishes or full garnishes will not suit a fragrant pizza: it is quite satisfying, and it will be enough. We offer to dilute dinner with interesting salads or drinks.


Very often the standard sauce for pizza is a variant of tomatoes like barbecue or tomato sauce. However, in a good pizzeria, the dough should be balanced with sauce so that you do not want to add more tomatoes or sauces from it. Another thing is sharpness. The concept is quite subjective, so many people like to add a little Tabasco. This is a very hot sauce, cooked on the basis of hot chili peppers. This is a real hit of feasts in Mexico or other countries of South America. If you love the sharpness - Tabasco will be the perfect spicy addition to pizza. It needs only a few drops, so that the severity does not interrupt the bouquet of aromas and flavors of the most fragrant dish.


in a good pizza there should be a lot of sauces and fillings, then light salads from fresh vegetables can balance this taste. If you chose a non-vegetarian dish, then it's pointless to seize pizza with Caesar salad or Shop's salad, which consist of meat ingredients including. Another thing - light versions of Greek salad or just a mix of salad leaves and fresh vegetables. Instead of meat piquancy, salad will add expensive cheese, nuts or an unusual sauce. Do not eat pizza with complex salads with mayonnaise or sour cream. Give preference to olive oil.


If you think about what to give pizza from drinks, then study the preference of guests: someone prefers alcoholic beverages, others - do not consume alcohol in principle. Eat this traditional dish the same way as true Italians - with wine. Those who accept a non-alcoholic company are more difficult: they have to choose alternative options, with which to submit the main decoration of the table.

Wine is the best choice

Wine is considered a classic for Italian dishes in principle, and for pizza as well. Suitable varieties of Italian wines, it is better to give preference to red semi-dry or dry. White wine is eaten with seafood, so if they enter the dish, you can serve it to the table.

Lemonade is a non-alcoholic option

With lemonade they eat pizza kids, it perfectly shades the taste of tomato, cheese and basil in a dish. It's better to have a classic taste without any fillers: a sour lemon will not let you turn a pizza into a dessert.

As you can see, the Italian cuisine is not particularly whimsical in terms of selection of main dishes and snacks: a bottle of good wine and aromatic spicy herbs will make your dinner unforgettable and without additional desserts or dishes.