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Pizza as art - foto 437

It becomes more difficult to amaze the modern society.

In particular it concerns art and hobby. We can see painting of dark automobile glasses and macro photography of drops of water, compositions of beads and mosaics of broken glass – this list can be continued entirely. However a special attention and amazement arise combinations of products. Portraits, landscape ensembles united into a composition with the help of food products always attracted attention. An Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimbold reflected it on the canvas.

However in modern life there are a lot of cooks who form their masterpieces straight on the food. Domenico Crolla is among them. Originally he is Italian, but he became owner of the restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. Being a passionate fun of fashion world and skilled cook he transferred his vision of art to pizza. Thereby he creates not only tasty but fashionable dish. With the help of tomatoes and cheese he creates gurus of fashion industry, stylish accessories and famous artists on his masterpieces. On the author’s pizza there have already appeared such faces: Rihanna, Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of the Vogue journal), Barack Obama, Kate Middleton, Tom Ford and also Louboutin shoes. 

Agree that such culinary masterpieces look amazing. Master has unrealized project – to portray fashion guru Giorgio Armani. As Domenico Crolla says the difficulty is: “I have tried for several times but I cannot depict his unique inimitable look.” Cook does not take order and he works only by aspiration. Besides the main kitchen instruments for making pizza he also uses scalpel with the help of which he cuts small details. Pieces of art of Domenico Crolla are not for sale as opposed to the assortment of dishes in our pizzeria “Smile”.

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