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Why pizza named Margaret? - foto 985

Millionth love pizza would never have allowed modern man to think that once this dish was considered unworthy representatives of aristocratic strata of society. However, once it was really so. Only well-known and one of the most popular types of pizzas, Margarita, was able to break this stereotype and turn a traditional dish of Italian peasants and ordinary urban residents really popular and delicious dish. As it happened, and why a simple Italian pie was a resounding female name?

Name Margarita: in pre-revolutionary Russia (not for the commoners) and Catholic Europe

Initially, it should be noted that the very name of Margarita in the history of Europe is very common. He gave aristocrats, girls, high position in society would like to emphasize. Up until the 19th century that name, in principle, not in the church papers, and any girl that wish to be baptized as a Margarita, was disappointed. Then the analogue flirtatious Margot was more simple and sonorous for Russian resident Marina name.

After the 19th century, when Western Europe began to influence the culture of the Russian Empire, the ladies began to call themselves Margarita or Margot. This gave them the image of coquetry and mystery. At the same time in the Catholic countries of Western Europe the name was quite popular, because the children of ordinary peasants and urban residents began to call for example the aristocrats and ladies. So safe to say that the most popular type of pizza is really delicious name.


Margherita of Savoy - the first Italian queen

From what a national Italian dish has received just such a name? The fact that it was named after a famous Italian Queen - Margherita of Savoy. She ascended to the throne immediately after her husband, Umberto, and the main principles of its policy was the unification of the Italian land under the same ideology. It is worth mentioning that the queen with persistent character succeeded. All the land from Milan to Naples were in its possession, the nations did not raise riots and civil military.

History assignment royal name pizza

Why is pizza was named in honor of the Queen? Why is such a simple and straightforward recipe with basil, tomatoes and mozzarella. Why in the Queen's name was not invented more sophisticated dishes with expensive prosciutto or other fine ingredients? The fact that the appearance of dishes - not just a whimsical idea, but really interesting and fascinating story, which we will now describe.

Pizza - People's Food

As we mentioned above, the basic principles of the policy of Queen Margherita of Savoy was the unification of the peoples of Italy. It was available only by means of the conquest of confidence among ordinary people, who are very often before were unhappy royal rule. To the common people trust their ruler, Margherita of Savoy decided to go on a tour of his possessions. And at the moment of the beloved by millions of modern people pizza Queen stopped in Naples.

Naples has long been considered the birthplace of pizza, and it is now to go for the traditionally Italian dish. According to the story, during the reign of Queen Margherita pizza was considered exclusively folk food, it is difficult to classify the dish was exquisite and worthy of an aristocratic table. But the queen arrived in Naples, decided to go against the beliefs she has ordered his court cook the dish, which eat the common people in the area.

"Patriotic" pizza for the Queen

Cook was really discouraged: the Queen has never did not ask him to prepare such a simple popular dish - pizza. He did not know how to cook it, so I had to ask for the help of the local baker and his wife. Those decided to cook at the kitchen court just three kinds of pizza:

The ham
Garlic pizza with olive oil and tomatoes.
Today, the traditional margarita with basil and tomatoes.
Last recipe called delight ruler: Color dish so reminiscent of the Italian flag. White mozzarella, green leaves of fragrant basil and red tomatoes allowed to call this variation patriotic pizza. A simple dish so much liked the Queen, that she returned thanks in a personal letter Neapolitan baker and his wife.

Craftsmen of the name Raphael Esposito and his wife - Brandi. On behalf of the beloved and called the restaurant, which to this day hangs a letter of thanks from the queen. In honor of this thanks a variety of pizza got its name in honor of its most eminent connoisseur.

As you can see, the story of the most famous varieties of many favorite pizza is really exciting and memorable story. Now, trying to perfect combination of basil, tomatoes and mozzarella, remember that this dish at one time admired the queen herself!