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«Happy Pizza» from Cambodia - foto 1002

In Cambodia, a dish, after which the ancient Angkor seem strikingly, smiling passers-by and rest brighter. This "happy pizza." Habitual dough, sausage, cheese and sauce are combined with one secret ingredient - marijuana. Try a pizza Anyone can absolutely legally. For her and many tourists go to this exotic country.

Счастливая пицца

The story of appearing

The origin of «Happy pizza» owes loyal legislation Cambodia and the "free" way of life of local residents. Officially, marijuana use is prohibited in the country. But the attitude to its use quite tolerant. This is primarily due to the history that shaped the views of local people. On cannabis are looking first and foremost as a seasoning, as it has long been used as an ingredient in dishes of national cuisine.

Today try Cannabis as a seasoning can be in almost all restaurants, located on the banks of the Mekong River in the capital Phnom Penh. The largest chain of fast-food restaurants Pizza Company in Cambodia officially included in the menu «Happy pizza». And if you look at the cult guide to independent travel Lonely Planet, you'll see suggestions for exploring the local fast-food restaurant where you will try to "happiness" in taste.


Key ingredients

In addition to the secret ingredient pizza is no different from the dishes that can be found in Italian and American institutions. "Margarita," "pepperoni," "vegetarian" - all the things that we used to see in a fast-food menu. It is worth noting that the list of ingredients does not appear marijuana, and gives its presence is the name of the «Happy pizza». The number of "happiness" can vary. It is worth mentioning the time of booking. Just to clarify the waiter you want a little, enough or a lot of happiness. Marijuana can also be found in cocktails. It is enough to ask to add a little "secret ingredient" in coconut milk.

The effect of the pizza

The effect is approximately one hour after the meal. Tourists are already familiar with this dish is not hearsay, it is advised to book a large portion for four or small - for two. The fourth part will be enough for 10 hours of euphoria. Therefore, the best time to order - lunch. But some tourists who decided to taste, an hour can expect a nasty surprise. Local residents are divided into a variety of stories, telling about tourists who missed his return flight, while under the influence of marijuana, a party who spent the rest of vacation in the hotel room.

Cases of hospitalization after drinking "secret ingredient." And the cost of treatment in the local hospital is 15 times higher than the price «Happy pizza». By the way, this dish would cost 7-10 dollars. Therefore, each of the tourists who decides to confine vivid impressions of the country's historical and cultural heritage or take with them an additional experience the local cuisine.

For over ten years, «Happy pizza» enjoys the great demand in Phnom Penh restaurants. But soon it is expected that taste of "happiness" in Cambodian is not so simple. State control reduces the amount of marijuana in the country. Therefore, many restaurants refer to the lack of "secret ingredient" for cooking, and some have to raise prices.