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Italian pizza against American pizza - foto 1004

Pizza - international dishes. Her homeland - Naples. But once in the US, this dish has received immense popularity and has changed little in accordance with the tastes of the local people. Consider what it is - right Italian pizza, and how it has changed, becoming popular in the US .

The history and characteristics of Italian pizza

There is a legend that in Naples this dish came from Palestine, it became the progenitor of the Jewish flat bread - matzah. Soldiers of Rome upon arrival home, tried to repeat the recipes at home and originated a new dish, which became known all over the world. Later, a cake made of flour and water became seasoned with olive oil and herbs. But after appearing in the territory of Naples water buffalo to add one of the key ingredients - mozzarella . %manin-content%

The olive oil and mozzarella cheese - immutable ingredients Italian pizza, you will not find food, where the two components are replaced by something else. Original recipes even protected at the legislative level. The article of the relevant law stipulates recipe "Margarita". Specifies the diameter of the cake, a kind of yeast, flour, salt and tomatoes, the amount of the ingredients and cooking process.

There are several interpretations of the origin of the name "pizza." Many linguists believe that it comes from the Latin «pinsere» - «roll", some are inclined to the Greek word "pita" - "pita", and in a later interpretation indicates a combination of «bĭzzo-pĭzzo», meaning "bread". < / p>

The history and characteristics of the American pizza

In the US, this dish is first brought immigrants. You can buy it in Chicago was on the street. Sold separately chunks of two cents per serving. Later, at the end of World War II soldiers, returning home to the United States, could not part with the now-familiar Mediterranean dishes and brought the recipe home. Thus began the second wave of the popularity of pizza.

The first restaurant where you could taste this dish, opened in New York in 1905. In the forties, the recipe gets some changes. Use a higher baking temperature, expanding the list of ingredients for the filling and dough changing technology. Cakes baked with high sides, so that you can put on them as many ingredients as possible. In 1957, it was possible to buy frozen foods in the United States.

What is different about the Italian pizza and American pizza?

Italian pizza: refined and low-fat

Dough. To prepare cakes using flour, water and natural yeast. The thickness of the cake does not exceed 2.3 mm and a diameter of 30-35 cm.

Filling. Important in combination products - refined taste. Use the cheese, tomatoes, basil, shrimp, mussels, meat and vegetables. Everything is just fresh, frozen food in the cooking process are excluded. The composition preferably not more than 3-5 ingredients. The only exception is "Kaprichoza", which is used for filling the components 5-7. Required ingredients - mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. The average calorie content of meals does not exceed 300-350 kcal.

Realize. The number of ingredients on a limited flat shortcake, and they are selected so as not to be mixed into a single composition, and in harmony and complement each other in series. The computation components on the cake is not allowed laminating products of one another.

Baking. To prepare mainly use wood-burning stoves, very rarely cook on electric.

The American Pizza: nourishing, for lovers of a square meal

Dough. The preparation uses flour, water, extra virgin olive oil is replaced by a vegetable. Use a special yeast, different in composition from the classical, they make the cake more sweet and doughy. Korzh rolled to a thickness of 1-2 cm, and bumpers made high to be able to put a large number of ingredients.

Filling. It combines the principle - appetizing and satisfying. Therefore, the number of components in several times higher than indicated in the classic recipe. The main difference - is replaced by other free mozzarella cheeses. Also use the sausage, mushrooms, peppers, shrimp, mussels, pickles, pineapple, minced meat. It is devised to combine several types of stuffing meat products. For example, sausage, bacon and chicken.

Very popular sausage sharp «Pepperoni» You can use frozen ingredients, rare basil and fresh tomatoes often replaces the tomato sauce. As the filling is used vegetable oil to replace the olive, as in the classic recipe. Calorie content of such courses may exceed 1000 kcal.

Realize. Strict rules of calculations does not exist. The ingredients may overlap, or even pre-mixed.

Baking. For the preparation can be used and wood, and electric furnace.

Pizza - one of the most popular dishes. Since its inception invented many recipes. And everyone chooses to prefer a refined, well-balanced and low-calorie pizza, which is prepared and served in her homeland. Or choose a delicious and hearty analog which enjoys no less popular in the US.