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Pizza's traditions - foto 1107

Pizza is a traditional Italian dish. Culinary specialists of this country jealously guard the technology of cooking and subject to ruthless criticism of all who try to show unreasonable freedom in cooking. We will learn how it appeared, what the rules of cooking were earlier and how they changed in our time.

Short story

It is difficult to come to a common opinion about the origins of the origin of this culinary masterpiece. The prototype of the basis can be considered as fresh cakes, baked in ancient Egypt almost 6 thousand years ago. Pour the unleavened dough with butter and complement the stuffing of the ancient Greeks. This is documented in the works of Plato in the form of a mention of an unleavened dough, oiled and covered with vegetables, served to the festive table.

With the advent of pizza in Italy, it has become the main food of the poor. But over time it acquired a more noble shape. When the first tomatoes were imported to Europe, the cooking recipe became more like a classic. Tomatoes, anchovies, bacon and herbs were spread on a thin cake, poured with olive oil. In the 18th century the first establishments appeared, where they prepared this dish. There was a wood stove and a special marble bench, on which billets were laid for baking. And even then it was possible to take food with them.

The classical technology of preparation, which is even officially documented, appeared in 1889. Cook Rafaello Esposito prepared for the royal family a culinary masterpiece, the filling of which was selected in accordance with the colors of the Italian flag. This pizza was named after the queen - "Margarita". It was with the arrival of this dish in the royal house appeared rule to use during his meal cutlery.


For the whole long history a certain classical technology of pizza making, traditions of its supply and use has been formed.

According to the rules, very thin dough is prepared without any signs of baking and animal fats. It is prepared and rolled only by hand and baked at a temperature of 485º to get a crisp. For the filling, only mozzarella cheese is used, no other cheese can be considered an element of the classic recipe.

The filling does not include more than 3-5 components, as the progenitor of all the classic recipes - "Margarita". As in the XVIII century, it is baked only in wood stoves.

For serving, the dish is divided into an even number of pieces, the minimum quantity is 4 pieces. Cut the pizza very quickly, until the cheese is frozen.


Eat it solely with your hands. Fold a piece in half and begin to eat from the sharp end, moving to the crust. But if this method does not seem convenient to you, the rules do not prohibit the use of a knife and fork with food as they did in the royal house of Margarita.

As for the time of use, there are no strict rules. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also, strict rules for accompanying food with drinks are not applied. Water, cola, wine - anything can be served in addition. The only thing that is almost never ordered in addition - coffee or coffee drinks.

Now you can also feel a little Italian, having joined the canons of the right cooking, serving and eating pizza. For this, it is not necessary to visit Naples. It's enough just to order a properly cooked dish, cut into an even number of pieces, and there is only his hands.