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Incredible facts about pizza - foto 1121

Pizza is not only the traditional dish of Italy, the favorite food of Americans, a quick way to eat and a huge field for experiments. This is a unique product, which is associated with many fascinating stories. Let's consider some interesting facts about him.

Facts about pizza

  1. The biggest round pizza in the world was cooked more than 10 years ago. Its diameter was 40 meters, and for cooking it took 9 tons of flour, 4 tons of tomato paste and 9 tons of mozzarella. Bake it for 40 hours. As a result, it was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The largest rectangular pizza was prepared in 2005, its dimensions were 39x30 meters. For its preparation, it took more than 1000 kg of cheese, 320 kg of sauce and 9,500 dough cakes.

  2. The most expensive dish was "Pizza Royale 007". It was ordered by the owner of one of the largest restaurants in Rome for his wife in honor of Valentine's Day. Instead of traditional ingredients in the form of salami, tomatoes and mozzarella, the dish included real delicacies. Venison, lobsters, caviar, pre-aged in champagne, salmon, on special order brought from Scotland. The cost of this delicacy was 3600 dollars.

  3. In 2005, Silvio Berlusconi, after trying a pizza cooked by Finnish chefs, said that they did not know how to cook at all. In 3 years at the international competition it was the Finnish chefs who took the first place in preparing this dish, ahead of the masters from Italy and Australia. The dish they prepared was called "Berlusconi Pizza".

  4. In 2010, the championship on the speed of eating pizza. He was won by a 24-year-old American who could eat as many as 45 pieces in just 10 minutes.

  5. According to the research of the magazine "New York" eating this dish in the workplace leads to a spoilage of 7 million documents a year. If to count, this is about 40 documents per minute.

  6. A special case for a laptop, made in the form of a box from under the pizza, has been developed. The invention was given the name "PowerPizza". Outwardly it is a usual box, but inside there are special fastenings for the laptop, compartments for wires and the mouse. As you might guess, there are more cases of theft of technology than cases of food theft, so such a case in the form of a box is the best protection for a laptop from thieves.

  7. In one of the schools in New York introduced a new program to combat low performance and absenteeism. According to the curriculum on Mondays, various credits and important control are included in the schedule, and on the same day all students will be able to taste the free Margarita or Neapolitanu in the dining room.

  8. The largest basis of the test was prepared by American Tony Jemignani, and this record is even fixed in the Guinness Book of Records. By torsion, he prepared a base of 84 centimeters in diameter from a piece of dough weighing 0.5 kg. Together with this record, it became also the fastest in the preparation of the basis. For 30 seconds, the workpiece made 37 rotations in his hands.

  9. According to statistics, the most popular ingredient for the filling are pepperoni sausages. Of the total number of dishes prepared, 36% contain pepperoni, and this is every third pizza in the world.

In fact, there are much more interesting facts related to this appetizing dish. We have collected the most interesting and look forward to a new 9-ku, which will not keep you waiting, because such a popular dish can not have a boring story.