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 - foto 2616
25 cm
390 г
109 uah
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30 cm
550 г
149 uah
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40 cm
825 г
259 uah
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Mediterranean - foto 2667 Mediterranean
Tuna, Mozzarella, tomato, olives, lemon, cream sauce. The dough contains honey.
Not available
Japanese - foto 2670 Japanese
Smoked eel, squid marinated, mozzarella, guacamole sauce, unagi sauce. The dough contains honey!
25 cm
340 г
105 uah
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30 cm
450 г
185 uah
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40 cm
275 uah
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Additional cheese - foto 2416 Additional cheese
Mozzarella – young Italian pickled cheese of very soft structure
25 cm
40 г
20 uah
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30 cm
60 г
25 uah
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40 cm
90 г
35 uah
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Extra peper Chile - foto 2429 Extra peper Chile
For fans of "sharper" the extra pepper Chile in any pizza
10 г
10 uah
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Seafood Pizza Delivery

Pizza with meat or fish is a nutritious, satisfying and very diverse food that you can eat at any time. Thanks to round-the-clock delivery, you can order hot pizza even at night. The most difficult thing when ordering is to choose a filling, the variety of which makes the taste buds strain in anticipation of the amazing taste of fragrant pastries.

Among a large selection of toppings, it is definitely worth ordering a free pizza delivery with fish or seafood to your home or office in Kharkov. Seafood is very light, tasty and healthy.

Hot and juicy seafood pizza in Smile

Seafood attracts attention with a wealth of unique taste. They can be neutral, or have a pronounced marine, fishy flavor and aroma. Depending on the product, its combination with other ingredients of the filling, you can discover new facets of the taste of baking with fish and seafood.

Crispy and tender dough, impeccable sauce that goes perfectly with seafood, professionally selected other components of the filling, generously sprinkled on a tortilla, hidden under a delicious cheese crust. Hot pizza with seafood filling is a real composition of taste and aroma. Extra reviews if you try personally.

Among the variety of fillings, the most popular are with tuna and eel. These seafood have unique, dissimilar flavors, and a properly selected mix of ingredients helps them to open even more.

The most popular pizza with tuna - “Mediterranean”, helps to reveal and emphasize the taste of fish:

  • tomatoes
  • olives;
  • lemons;
  • delicate creamy sauce;
  • mozzarella cheese.

You should definitely order some exotic hot pizza with an exclusive filling for free delivery to your home or office in Kharkov. For many, “Japanese” has become a favorite, with smoked eel and insanely delicious Unagi and Guacamole sauces. About her only the best reviews.

Delivery works around the clock, so you can order at any time, delighting yourself with mouth-watering, healthy and very fragrant seafood.